Dark Bandits Caught Troop Stealing; Rebel Penguin Federation Schedule Invasions

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – The Rebel Penguin Federation has updated their stance towards the Dark Bandits from neutral to enemies and scheduled an invasion of their land.

In a surprising turn of events, the Rebel Penguin Federation released a post earlier today declaring the Dark Bandits as enemies. DB started this generation off strongly maxing sizes of 30+, however, they have fallen dramatically since. This fall in size isn’t their only issue as the Rebels have turned hostile due to troop stealing.

A post written by Rebel second-in-command, Elexonck, provides proof of Carlos, Dark Bandit leader, offering RPF troops high ranks in order to get them to join. The Rebel Penguin Federation, who are currently placed at number one on the Top Twenty, have also scheduled an invasion of Dark Bandit land, although they haven’t officially declared war yet. In addition to RPF’s invasion, Templars have also announced an invasion of DB land and are going to be attempting to benefit from the situation.

The post RPF released, which can be found here, contains many screenshots of Carlos and other DB higher command attempting, in many different ways, to bait RPF members to join for high ranks. In addition, RPF provided proof of DB openly being unfriendly towards their army and leadership.

In addition, and perhaps as their internal justification for this unsportsmanlike behaviour, the Dark Bandits leadership seems to continue to openly show animosity towards us, the RPF, and our leadership.

In an attempt to understand the situation further and discover what DB’s plans are we have spoken exclusively to Dark Bandit leader Carlos.

What do you think about RPF’s declaration?

RPF’s declaration is just proof on its own that they like to pick on smaller armies for foolish reasons. Apart from that, I doesn’t phase me one bit

What’s DB’s plan for the 2 invasions occurring tomorrow?

The fact that they had to bring the multilogging army Templars to help them when they’re an 80+ army is quite despicable. My plan is to stand strong and have both of our servers covered. RPF think they can have the entire community dislike them and invade an army for no good reason.

Do you think this will hurt DB’s LC campaign?

Doritos will already beat us in round 2. There’s no reason to fuss about a competition.

Any further comments or statements?

Nobody here dares to say it out loud, so I will. RPF is the bully of the community and will never stop looking for a reason to mess with an army. They’re simply outrageous and I will not allow them to stomp all over us. The Good Fight is not fought by sheer selfishness and stupidity.

Carlos seems to be unfazed by the declaration and is willing to stand against the RPF and Templars invasions. This is a brave act as they are much smaller in size. Will they be able to rise back up and give RPF a fight? Or will they succumb to the firm grip RPF has had on this community for some time now?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

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