[BREAKING] Skaters Shut Down After Leader Elisha Speaks Out on Multilogging Operation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skaters Empire – Following the CP Army Media special report earlier today, and new conclusive evidence that we have obtained, the Skaters have shut down and ceased operations with immediate effect.

CP Army Media broke the news earlier today that the Skaters leadership have been multilogging approximately 20 penguins at their recent events on May 29th and May 30th (click here to read). They claimed a peak size of 40, yet investigations proved multiple accounts from several leaders contained the same IP address. When confronted, however, they denied the allegations and instead stated they asked friends and family to come to their houses to log on for events.

New evidence came to light following the special report when Skaters leader Elisha bravely contacted CP Army Media Vice President Max with information regarding the scandal. She disclosed that all six leaders were involved with the multilogging: herself, Overload, RedYagami, Zero, Averil and Spin. She also revealed Zero was the one to initiate the operation, despite CP Army Media not originally picking up on his involvement.

Alongside the leadership, second-in-command Hazel/Rowlett is believed to be involved, with 4 multilog penguins: Vera, Rose, Ishaani and Aidan.¬†Elisha states Zero’s multilogs include Candy,Mechanic and Casanova, all of which can be seen clearly at their recent event pictures.

Furthermore, after gaining access to a secret group chat, we can reveal leader Zero was responsible for initiating the multilogging activity and encouraging the other leaders to do so.

Following the multilogged events, they even boasted about how many penguins they managed to log on. It would appear Averil multilogged over 8 and RedYagami at least 7.

But with the nets closing in on the Skaters leadership, their response was to deface the Skaters discord and close down the army. They contacted CP Army Media and stated they would be back and that they would not be caught the next time. Does this mean they are opening a new army, “The Order of the Black Knights”, and will continue multilogging?

There is no doubt the Skaters leadership are guilty of both excessive multilogging and poorly attempting to cover it up. We are pleased to announce Overload has been removed from the CP Army Media and Legends Cup judging positions, with immediate effect. With the truth now out there, is this really the end of the Skaters? And will the leadership move else where and continue to multilog, as they told us? CP Army Media will continue to fight this multilogging pandemic and expose all those that are involved.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President


2 Responses

  1. […] [BREAKING] Skaters Shut Down After Leader Elisha Speaks Out on Multilogging Operation […]


  2. Multi-logging won’t get you anywhere sadly, the whole army took a hit from it.


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