CPAL Special Report: Skaters Shut Down After Multilogging Exposed


UPDATE: 5:33pm BST, many of the Sinner’s leaders have been exposed previously, as shown in this image. Click here to view.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skaters’ Nation – the past 24 hours has witnessed some incredible events from the Skaters. The army, who claimed sizes of 40+ at their events has recently been exposed for one the most cowardly acts an army can commit: multilogging. Briefly after the Skaters were exposed for this terrible act – the army was swiftly shut down and the server defaced. Read on to find out the latest on the Skaters’ multilogging scandal.

What is multilogging?

For those of you who weren’t around for the original Club Penguin Armies, you may not know what multilogging even is. Multilogging is exactly what it sounds like: logging as in logging on to Club Penguin, and multi for multiple. Essentially, multilogging is using one or more accounts connected to the same computer to make your army look bigger at events. It’s not only cowardly, but it’s flat out against the rules and generally frowned upon.

Overview of Skaters

The Skaters were an army who were based in Club Penguin Army League and averaged around 30-40 at their events. They were a small/medium army before Sinners, a major army a few months ago in the same league, merged into the Skaters which you can read about here. The Sinners were no strangers to multilogging, with Sinners’ legend Clifford often discussing with fellow community members how he ended the multilogging in the Sinners and had turned them legit – this already put eyes on Overload, Sinners leader, Royal and Zero.

Going back to this generation of the Skaters; it was clear that they benefited from the merge. Of course they would – a major army just merged into them. Below is an after picture of the merge from Skaters:

Skaters reaching sizes of 40+ under their leadership

Some of the proof of the multilogging claim comes directly from Superhero123, Club Penguin Armies: The Game Creator, Head Administrator, and the only one with access to the IP address of the players.

Before we dive into Superhero’s statement, let me explain this to you first. When you log in to Club Penguin, Superhero can see your IP address – he is the only one with this power, and in my personal opinion Superhero is probably the most trustworthy individual in the community with this information. Your IP address is unique to your internet connection, therefore if multiple penguins have the same IP address they are coming from the same internet connection – is this perfect proof? No. However, when compared to Overload’s excuses for the acts it’s concrete evidence that the Skaters DID multilog. Below, is Superhero’s statement on the Skater’s multilogging:

“After suspicions were raised to me by CPATG moderation team member, I looked into the database’s login logs to figure out if there were multiple accounts during that battle that logged in from the same IP address. The investigation returned the following findings: Accounts P10187 Spin P10188, Cora, Revolve, Aussie, Averil, P10189, Knob all shared the same IP address during the Skaters’ event. I was and still am the only one with access to the logged IP addresses that resulted on those findings. CPA:TG is not supportive of multilogging, and every accusation of such by any community member will be investigated and, if it’s true, will be brought to light.”

~ CP: Army Media website. Click here to view.

As you can see above, Superhero’s investigation concluded with multiple penguins all coming from the same IP address. Therefore, the Skaters did infact multilog. But who in the ranks would commit such treason against the Club Penguin Army community? According to Club Penguin Army Media, the main offenders were Overload, Spin, RedYagami, Avereli. Everyone else, with the exception of Zero do, infact, own alternate accounts but Elisha & R0yal, in all the investigations, were not found multilogging.

What to take away from this post:

If there was anything to take away from this post – it’s do not cheat. You will be found out, and severely punished – either from the leagues themselves or you will be seen as a cheater and no one will want to hire you. My honest opinion? Just recruit bro. If you find yourself having to multilog, you are not a leader and you should seriously rethink your army career.

this post will be updated.


Do YOU think that the Skaters multilogged? What should their punishment be? Do you see Overload, and the others coming back from this? Let me know YOUR opinion!


CP: Army League Editor-in-Chief





8 Responses

  1. As an ex-Senior Mod of skaters, I can confirm overload had 2 discord account, he might of had more but I only interacted with 1. This does see very legit and true.


  2. who even thought to do this?
    anyways I left skaters long time ago as they kept ignoring me.


  3. Wow a report on skaters how and no interviews very rushed


  4. I’ll miss u skaters, even if i’m not a part of your family. R.I.P Skaters ;-;


  5. I am the the founder of skaters.I started it and lead skaters for a long time,then retired from skaters and left the army,following that I got accusations from spin and averil that I was spreading rumours. Now they are exposed that they cheated.


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