[EDITORIAL] The Fight For Top Twenty Points

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ, Lucifer’s Office: As the fight for a higher position on the Top Twenty continues, armies have begun to adopt unique measures so as to garner more points on the Top Twenty. Recently it was brought to my attention that our counterparts at CP Army Media had reported on a unique measure that was being utilised by CP Army League Armies specifically so as to garner more points. I felt it was my responsibility to bring to light another such loophole being exploited specifically by CP Army Media affiliated armies. By doing so, we can continue to work alongside each other to eradicate such loopholes being utilised by armies.

For a noticeably long period of time, its come to my attention that armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin and Help Force, to name the most prominent few, have adopted an approach wherein they host multiple events on the same day. Several community members have also dubbed this to be a phenomenon of “spamming events”. Now why is this a problem? Hear me out for this might just be a big problem or it could just be me being dramatic.

Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation, perhaps the biggest army affiliated to CPAM, are a regular in the Top Three of the Universal Top Twenty. But what separates them from the other big guns? What’s their ace in their hole? I dug more into it only to see that RPF in just this week [24th May to 31st May] held a whooping number of 11 events. Agreed that they do have the sizes to easily rival that of the Pirates or Doritos, but what’s the difference? The Doritos and Pirates held only 4 events each this week. And why do I think that’s a problem? I’ll explain as I first lay out the foundation of my point.


Help Force

Help Force, another army that has an above average max, yet an extremely high position on the Top Twenty. I counted back their number of events for this week specifically and I counted them to have 11 events as well.

Now that I’ve laid out the foundation for what exactly I’m trying to prove, I want all of you to let some of these numbers sink in:

Pirates + DCP + IW + DW + Elites + Royal Family = 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 +4 + 3 = 22 events.

RPF + HF = 11 + 11 = 22 events.

I think you get where I’m going with this. The numbers definitely seem askew, is it bad that RPF and HF host several events a day in order to cater to their different divisions? Of course not. An Army is free to do whatever it wishes to do. But is it wrong for an army to be rewarded for hosting multiple events a day in order to gain an edge over other armies? Definitely. Now I’m sure you might be confused. More Events for more points? Let me show you.

What’s this? Well if you’re an ardent viewer of the Top Twenty List that comes out, like me, then you’ve obviously stumbled across this page. It’s public information in fact on how the Top Twenty came to be. Usually at the bottom of their ranks on that page, they have a link that sends you across to their calculations page.

Now before we actually begin, I want you to pay close attention to four particular armies on that calculations list. RPF, ACP, HF, and Pizza Federation. What separates them from the rest? That’s right, their Event Quality Scores. They’ve all got a massive score of 25 on Event Quality, which I believe is the highest you can get else we’d definitely have seen over inflated scores of persay 50 on that section.

Now why is that a bother you ask me? Take a look at Dark Warriors and Royal Family. Dark Warriors are definitely known to be big guns who can produce 60+ maxes on any given day, yet they rank below ACP? Understand that when I say this, I mean no disrespect to Csy and ACP. ACP are an army imbued with deep history and I truly respect Csy, Max and his entire team. But when an army has an average max of 40.9, up against another army which has an average max of  60.7, and yet the smaller army ranks higher on the Top Twenty, its bound to raise some eyebrows. Now why is that they ranked higher? Well, simply because ACP got a score of 25 on Event Quality while Dark Warriors to an extremely low score of 5.

Now before I move on to my next example, I have two pictures for you to compare:


An army that averages 28 or an army that averages 18. Which army would you rank above the other?

That’s right, this is the comparison between the Royal Family and that of the Pizza Federation. In fact, this particular scenario irked me even more than the DW ACP scenario because…. You know what, take a look at it yourself.

Unlike the whole DW and ACP scenario where both armies had the same score on the tactics section, in this scenario, the Royal Family has more points than Pizza Federation in both aspects, that being the Average Max as well as Tactics. Yet they rank below the Pizza Federation.

Having served as a Judge in CP Armies for a long while, it’s taught to all of us that if an army is Bigger and has Better Tactics, they win. I guess that’s not the scenario while calculating Top Twenty.

Now to the main point, what is it that is used to calculate Event Quality? Simply put, each invasion/Practice Battle/ Training Event that an army holds is given points irrespective of how the event goes. So what implies is that an army can host 20 events with a 5 max and yet get a 25 score on that scoresheet merely for Event Quality. Not only is it ironic that its called Event Quality,  because first off, it in no way gives you a score based on quality, its merely being exploited by armies to garner more points on the Top Twenty by hosting multiple Events.

Now if you’ve read this, you can simply have a small army, average a max of 15 and yet score 35 on that list just by hosting 10+ events [Now in this scenario, I haven’t even included the possible 10 points for Tactics, but you get my point], any army can score 35 on that sheet, now say they get a 10 for Tactics, that takes them up to a 45 score. You know where your score of 45 could have ranked them on that Top Twenty? Just below the Royal Family, that is the 12th position. In fact you don’t even need me giving you these examples because there’s already armies doing it out there. But hey here’s an idea for you to crack into the top ten of the Top Twenty with no effort.

Its understandable to have scores for the events that you’ve hosted, but in my personal opinion, I don’t agree with having such a high limit on Event Quality over Tactics, because it simply puts some armies at an inherently disadvantaged position, hosting multiple events in order to get more points simply kills the effort that goes behind building your army to get higher maxes. That’s because an army can have a 45 average max and host just one event to get probably a score of 1 on their Event Quality and another army can have a 22 max and host 11 events to get a score of 47, even more than the former army. At the end of the day, its definitely a lot harder to have your army max 45 than it is to host 11 events.

At the end of all this, I’d just like to make it clear, that I am in no way attacking or undermining any of the armies that I mentioned on this list. Nothing but respect to my fellow Army Leaders because, I know how hard it is to maintain and grow an army. The whole purpose of this editorial was simply to bring to light an issue that requires remedy or at least a slight change in order to bring about justice to those armies that have built their armies to max big numbers yet stand close to smaller armies that just spam events. A 25 point limit is preposterous and does not provide the right Top Twenty that we deserve and require.

Now one might wonder, why I made this Editorial based off of the Top Twenty made last week and not the one that was released earlier today. Well that’s because this Editorial was simply to educate the masses, to put forward a problem that I saw over the last few weeks. Now its your turn, take this knowledge, and this time click on the link that takes you to this week Top Twenty calculations and see for yourself. Remember:

“Quality trumps quantity.”


Do you feel the same way? Do you think that some armies gain an unfair advantage over the other by spamming events? Do you think some measure has to be taken so as to keep Event Quality to a lower cap? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army League Board of Directors


2 Responses

  1. I feel that this is a genuine issue that needs to be handled by the community as a whole. The amount of effort that goes into building an army is overwhelmingly massive, and after all that if you’re efforts are not acknowledged, it can be purely devastating for not just the leaders but the troops too. Let’s make this a healthy environment that can be enjoyed by many more future generations.


  2. yes, I agree with you lucifer


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