Legends Cup X: Meet the Judges

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom — With the tournament drawing closer, we present to you the final list of Legends Cup Judges.

It is vital for the entire community to know and trust each judge deciding this tournament. Every single judge works hard to make unbiased decisions in battles, especially decisions as important as the ones featured in the Legends Cup. Our official panel of judges is going to judge based on tactics, formations, agility, size, consistency among various other factors. In order to trust the decisions they are making in the tournament, we must understand who they are as people first. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a statement from each of the official Legends Cup X judges.
(Subject to additions on the basis of availability)

Alexandra [Ice Warriors]

Hi! I’m Alex! I am serving as one of the judges for the Legends Cup X this year! I currently act as a judge in CPAL. I am a 2ic in the Ice Warriors Army as well as a VC leader for our main and divisional events. I am also proud to be 1/7 of the most prestigious judging group: The IW Unbiased Judges GANG [ELITE] . :IWJudge: We pride ourselves on being extremely unbiased and having fun with the battles that we judge. I can speak for both Fusion (who will also be judging the Legends Cup) and I when I say that we will be fair and just in our judging. This is my first legends cup that I am participating in and I am looking forward to both judging and battling in the events! Let’s see some awesome tactics! WHOO!

DMT [None]

Greetings, exalted ones. You know who I am. I love talking about myself so here’s a bit more information. While my judging history goes back to 2013, most know me for judging the Summer Circuit, the Holiday Championship, and pretty much every battle that happened in 2019 as the admin of CPA. In short, I am the best. Word of advice for army leaders: “The truth is often what we make of it; you hear what you want to hear, and believe what you want to believe.”

Emcee [None]

What’s up! I’m Emcee Moon Emoji, current CEO of CPAM alongside Ayan. I’ve had experience judging tournaments, practice battles, assisting in verdicts in the previous iteration of CPA League, etc. I am excited and eager to witness some amazing battles and help pass fair judgment in the coming tournament. May the most legendary army win!

Flen [Rebel Penguin Federation]

I’ve been in this great community for over 8 years now. I’m so proud to be a part of this community and even more proud to be chosen as a judge for Legends Cup. I’ve judged the tournament before during CPAC’s era and I know how much it takes to make such a crucial decision. A judge needs both grit and grace, and I have them both. May the best army win.

Fusion [Ice Warriors]

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Fusion, and I currently serve as a Leader In Training in Ice Warriors. I joined the army community in December of 2019 starting with Most Wanted. I ranked up from private to 3ic there before they were shut down. I went to Mayhem shortly after but didn’t stay long as they merged into DCP. I ranked up to 4ic in DCP before leaving and going to IW. I also briefly had a stint as Co Captain in Pirates before returning home to IW, my permanent home. This is my first Legends Cup both participating, and Judging and I am so excited to get the opportunity to be on staff for the Legends Cup this year. In the Army League community, I am known as one of the seven “IW Unbiased Judging Gang (Elite)” and we pride ourselves on being the most unbiased judges in Army League. You can assure that I will be unbiased when it comes to judging on my behalf, as well as Alex, who is also a member of our group. Best of luck to everyone, and may the best army win!

IceRaptore16 [None]

Hello, I am IceRaptore16. Not a single paragraph can describe somebody it only can describe something about someone. I love to judge and judging this will be an honour. So I have described something about me. Good luck to all armies, and may the strongest army win.

Mehakk [None]

I joined armies back in june of 2019 when I joined royals. I eventually became staff in august and leader in september. I led until May 2020 and now i’m the head of the board of directors for cpal. I’ve been judging since about january and i’ve judged large wars and battles as well as tournaments and am one of the trusted judges in cpal.

Pookie437 [Doritos of Club Penguin]

Sup everyone, I’m Pookie437. I joined armies in 2013 with RPF and then returned in 2019. Right now I’m currently a leader in training for DCP and I’ve had judging experience in three different leagues/news sites up to this point. Good luck to everyone participating in this years Legends Cup X™️!

Rah [Doritos of Club Penguin]

If you may or may not know, I’m Rah! I’ve been in armies for quite some time now and I’m glad to be a part of the wonderful community. I’m glad to be leading the Doritos alongside my other amazing leaders. I took interest in judging a while back on CPAL and I’ve been judging ever since. I’m super thankful to be judging for this tournament and I’m excited to see what armies have to offer in this tournament. I look forward to seeing the upcoming incredible sizes, creative tactics, and sleek formations. This tournament will surely rile up some fun. I wish all armies participating the best and I’m super interested to see who will take home the infamous Legends Cup.

Superhero123 [None]

Greetings! My name is Super(hero123) and I am a member of the army community since 2013. I have led various S/M armies throughout my career, primarily AUSIA based ones, but I am better known for being the creator and main developer of CPA:TG, as well as a former CPA League Administrator. I have judged in a variety of tournaments like CPA’s Summer Circuit and CPAM’s Premier Tournament, as well as many army PBs and war battles as an ex-administrator of a league. I believe I can be just and unbiased, considering the only current army I have loose ties with is WV, on an advisor role.

Sweater [Dark Warriors]

Hey I’m Sweater and I’ve been part of armies for almost 6 years. I’ve led some small medium armies but my latest stint was with SWAT where we reached sizes of 45+ consistently. I first applied to be a judge late February and I was accepted, and have been judging ever since. I enjoy judging, and I’m glad to be able to judge the Legends Cup, shame I can’t judge the grand finals though because we fully plan to win it.

Ultipenguinj [None]

Hello! I’m Ultipenguinj, former RPF Leader and current chat bum. I’ve been in armies since 2013 and have seen and judged a lot of battles in that time, but judging a prestigious tournament like LCX is an honor. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the armies bring their best!

2Funky3 [Army of Club Penguin]

I’m 2funky3, I joined armies in late 2009 when I was recruited by the great Eyes521. I’ve been HCOM/Owner rank in a lot of big armies in my time and currently I am ACP 2ic. Currently I am a CPAM Judge, where I have judged the Challenger Cup final alongside a lot of battles in the Premier League Tournament. I hope to see great organisation, speedy but clean tactics and good sizes from all armies participating. Good luck to all.

44Griffman [Dark Warriors]

Hi, I am 44Griffman, also know as Griff, and I am honored to be a judge on tenth legends cup! If you don’t know me I am a Dark Warriors Second In Command and I have been in armies since April 2019. My judging experience has been since April of this year, and I have judged multiple battles. Even though I am going to be with DW, I will be unbiased no matter who is battling. Once again I am honored for this opportunity and I hope I can judge to everyone’s standards.

Having now met our official Legends Cup X judges, we hope that you will be able to place more trust in their decisions. With the tournament rapidly approaching, we advise all of the competitiors to begin preparing themselves. In order for the judges to give you the results you want to hear, you need to give them the battle they want to see. May the best army win!


What do YOU think about the Legends Cup Judges?
Comment below and let us know.


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


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  1. I feel like this is a good choice of judges!


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