Practice Battle Review: Army of CP vs. Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – Yesterday, the Army of Club Penguin and Dark Warriors logged onto CPA:TG for a highly competitive practice battle. Although there was some confusion as to who won the first room, both armies gave a fantastic performance.


In the first room, Chaos the judge showed up five minutes late, and with both armies claiming victory in the room, a decision was made on what he saw. His conclusion was an ACP victory, because “ACP seemed to be more adept at bombing, had lovely formations, and the Dark Warriors’ tactics were a bit slow”. 

Room 1: The Ice Berg

CP Army Media conducted an interview to find out from the army leaders why they believe their army won in the Ice Berg:

Max, Army of CP Second-in-Command:

“The Dark Warriors were already warming up in the Ice Berg, so the ACP brought the party to them at around 3:04pm EST, meaning the judge only missed a couple of minutes of the room. They had a slightly higher size, but their tactics were very poor. For every 2 tactics they did, ACP did 10. In fact, we questioned at some points whether or not they were having connection issues because they were just sat doing nothing. A battle is a battle due to the tactics and formations exchanged between the two.”

Megann, Dark Warriors Leader

Overall, we think the battle didn’t go as planned. We didn’t know that there was even a judge throughout the battle because he was awol and didn’t tell us that he was there judging the battle until after the battle happened. It threw us off, so we just assumed that this would be for fun without a judge’s results. Nonetheless, we think both armies put up a good fight and that DW will be back stronger next time.”

“We can’t really speak on behalf of who won the first room because we think that both sides did really well overall. We think that both ACP and DW put up a good fight and we don’t want to sound bias about whether we think DW won the first room or not.”


After the controversial conflict that took place at the Ice Berg, both armies washed their flippers off and prepared to bomb their second room; the Stadium. ACP pin pointed around the stadium. Simultaneously, DW formed an infinity sign. The two armies volleyed emote and word tactics to and fro each other. During the entirety of the battle, both armies were neck and neck, performing beautiful formations and executing advanced tactics. Due to this, the Stadium was a tie.

Room 2: The Stadium

[Hidden Lake]

Ending the last room with a tie, the two forces were eager to win the last room and rushed the hidden lake with bombs. After the dust settled, the Dark Warriors formed into a plus sign while ACP exploded into surrounding the Hidden Lake. After ACP chanted about practicing social distancing, the Dark Warriors retorted with, “YOUR TACTICS ARE THINGS DISNEY WOULD SAY.” Overall, ACP had faster tactics in the Hidden Lake, and because of this, they won.

Room 3: The Hidden Lake

Judge Chaos gave the following verdict, an ACP victory in rooms one and three, and a tie in the second room.

With both these armies set to compete in the Legends Cup X, starting tomorrow, could we see them battling each other again? And who would come out on top?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter


CP Army Media Vice President


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