Total Eclipse For Sun Troops Following Multiple Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sun Troops Empire – As the weather begins to heat up for the summer, it seems as though things have also begun to heat up once again within the Sun Troops army.

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Battle of the Blues – Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Recently, two powerful armies took the battlefield in a competitive battle. Both armies fought well, but only one could win. Let’s take a look at how this practice battle played out! Continue reading

The Growth and Success of the AUSIA Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Over the course of the past few years, there’s been a significant growth in the number of AUSIA events and divisions within several armies, big and small.
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Clash of AUSIA: Army of CP vs. Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Two armies have taken it out to the battlefield recently in an entertaining, but short practice battle. Let’s take a look into what this friendly feud consisted of!

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Water Vikings After 10 Years: Where Are They Now?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On June 29th, the legendary Water Vikings celebrated the army’s 10th anniversary! The Water Vikings are one of the oldest armies who are still thriving to this day. They were able to make it to the Legends Cup finals multiple times and are included in CP Army Central’s top ten armies of all time.

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CP Army Media’s Final Farewell

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, The Administration Office – For years now, the army community was separated due to complex relations and tense disagreements. Many figures and leaders within this community attempted to bring all armies under one umbrella but failed time and again. We saw a revolutionary step towards this when all armies put aside their differences for the sake of survival and used CP Armies: The Game together. It is with joy, awe, and excitement that we now announce the final step in achieved unity: Club Penguin Army Hub. To that end, we also memorialize all that we achieved and sadly close Club Penguin Army Media.

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Troop Interview: Rebel Penguin Federation’s Mycydric7

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Troop Interviews Office –  Welcome to the Army Hub’s Troop Interview, where we speak to some of the interesting penguins from around the army community. Whether that be the lowest recruit or the highest-ranked soldier, we will give them the platform to speak out on their army and the community as a whole.
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Fluffy Retires From Golden Troops Leadership

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – As CPAH is falling into place, we see yet another retirement of an army leader. Fluffy was with GT since it’s revival in April, and has recently stepped down. Let’s take a closer look at Fluffy’s retirement!

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Meerkat Withdraws From Doritos Leadership; Wassim Demoted

Update: Meerrkat has spoken out on why he departed, giving CP Army Hub his exclusive statement. 

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – Recently, several leadership changes have occurred within the Doritos. With Zire retiring and Jester returning to the army, this past weekend has also seen the departure of Meerrkat and demotion of Wassim.

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Marines Benefit From Bikers Army Merge

MATTERHORN, Marines Empire – At approximately 12:09 PM EDT on June 28th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge with close allies, the Bikers, would be occurring.

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