Chaos Army Shutdown: One Last Time

TOBOGGAN, Chaos Army’s Capital – Nine years on from their opening, the Chaos Army have announced their permanent closure.

Just days ago at the end of May 2020, leader Orange announced the final closure of his beloved army in an emotionally charged website post which included nearly twenty thousand words and many messages from members and friends. Chaos was created by Sapper in the middle of 2012 and was active for over 3 years. After closing for the first time, the army returned at the beginning of 2016. The second generation was successful but again closed later that year. 

In 2019, however, influential leaders Owl and Zero created a Discord server to revive the Chaos community. They were successful in bringing back many veterans and former friends, generating a space for them to re-connect after so many years. A last run of the army was announced in early 2020. 

In his ‘final closure’ post, Orange spoke about the circumstances surrounding the army’s shutdown:

“I had always felt uneasy about the way we closed in the previous two generations. It always seemed that we closed merely out of necessity rather than by choice. However this time, I can finally say that this is the end of the road. We are heading out on our own two feet by choice and I am so thankful that we had our last hurrah in the manner we did. This is the proper ending we deserved.”

Regardless of their short-lived return to the community, they have had an array of notable accomplishments such as placing within the Universal Top Twenty and the Universal S/M Top Ten multiple times. In addition, they frequently peaked at highly impressive sizes of 60+, and played a significant role in the recent ‘World War Rewritten’. Known for their incredible sense of humour, the Chaos’ team were able to not only create an army but also managed to provide a welcoming and friendly community that could be enjoyed by many. And despite the shutdown of their Club Penguin army, their community is still open to new and old faces. 

The CP Army Media team were able to speak exclusively with Chaos’ former leader, Orange, to find out more on the closing of Chaos and the future of their community.

What was it like to lead the army?

For me, this was one of my most fun tenures as a leader because I got to lead alongside my friends as well as work with a lot of friends that I haven’t done stuff with in a long time, it was overall a fun nostalgic experience

When reviving the Army, would you have expected to reach the milestones it had?

No, I honestly did not expect to reach the sizes we did on CPR, but I am extremely proud of our performance.

Did you plan on closing the doors so soon after bringing back the Army?

No, we planned on closing down when the CPPSes started to close down, however we didn’t expect them to shut down so quickly.

What do you think was the biggest lesson you learned coming away from this experience?

Hmm the biggest lesson I can probably take away from this past month would be that at the end of the day, past all the club penguin army bs aside, the most important thing to focus on is building friendships because that’s what’s gonna last after this is all said and done

How do you think the shutdown of the Chaos Army will affect the Chaos community?

I don’t think it’ll effect the community much, we’ve all been friends for close to a decade now and many people have been sick of CP anyways and were ready to move on.

Any favorite memories or things about Chaos you would like to share?

Honestly that would be hard to pick but I can narrow it down to WWR where Chaos played an important role in helping ACP and the last week where we had the perfect goodbye to the community

There is no doubt the Chaos had a significant impact on the army community and will be dearly missed. We, here at CP Army Media, wish the leaders and members of the army all the best for the future.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Honestly, Chaos were really good and it’s so sad to see them go. RIP


  2. […] the past few weeks, we have seen numerous armies shut down. Chaos had shut down on the 31st of May and released a heartfelt ‘final post‘ that touched […]


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