Legends Cup X: Round One, Day Two Results

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom – The second day of the Legends Cup X has concluded, with four armies advancing into the second round. But which armies won their battle?

The second day of the highly anticipated Legends Cup X saw eight armies go head-to-head in four intense 30-minute battles. Each conflict was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations, agility, creativity, and other factors. Let’s find out the results of the battles on day two of round one.

Doritos vs. Cold Wars Federation

Due to the Cold Wars closure earlier this week, the Doritos were met with no opponent and therefore advance to round two. They held a ‘shark’ themed training instead and peaked at a whopping 76 Doritos.

Winner: Doritos

Help Force vs. Silver Empire

The Help Force and Silver Empire battle resulted in a 3-0 Help Force victory. The 40 helpers were met by 10 Silver Empire troops, with both sides putting up a fantastic fight with strong array of tactics and formations.

Winner: Help Force

Pirates vs. Yellow Warriors

Due to the Yellow Warriors failing to show, the Pirates were announced the winners after ten minutes of battling alone in the Inside Mine. Their strong peak size of 74 penguins positions them as challenging competitors for the second round.

Winner: Pirates

Dark Warriors vs. The Galactic Empire

The final battle of day two, between the Dark Warriors and Galactic Empire, resulted in a Dark Warriors victory. A 3-0 score was declared in favour of the Dark Warriors, who hit a maximum of 41 online. The Galactic Empire put up a respectable fight with their 3 members.

Winner: Dark Warriors

The Doritos, Help Force, Pirates and Dark Warriors took home the round one victories, which means they are now heading into round two. How will they fair? Stay tuned for another day of round one battles occurring tomorrow.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President


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  1. Nice! I really personally lied the Pirates vs yellow warriors the best!


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