Redemption Force Shuts Down: For Now?

THERMAL, Redemption Force’s Capital – A sudden post from the Redemption Force’s leader announced the army’s shutdown. After seven years of multiple closings and re-openings, RF’s leader indicated that this may not be the last run.

Redemption Force was originally created by Blaze and Reacon in 2013. The army started out successfully, maxing 10-15+ in their early years. They continued to grow until 2016 with a couple of breaks in between. In September of 2019, the army was only maxing 5+. The following week, a new leader was appointed, and RF was able to max an unexpected 63+. RF further expanded and ended up hitting sizes up to 75+.

In February of 2020, the leaders created their current Discord server and were maxing 30+, but this decreased while nearing the shutdown of the army.

The CP Army Media team was able to grab a statement from Koncon AKA Konrad and Reacon regarding their thoughts on the shutdown.

“It was a very fun experience to lead this generation coming from leading in the OG RF a bit just watching RF go from a 20-30 army to much greater heights which we started to hit on CPO. It was also nice during to watch former RF Legends like B and Midnightwave return to help out a little bit. As well as getting to meet all the new people I did this generation. In all I had a fun time but with the closing of CPO unfortunately we saw our group fall in sizes to where we deemed not acceptable so we decided to merge with Pirates and help a fellow RF legend go on a Legends Cup run.”

It is clear that RF has had their ups and downs as an army. While the army may be shutting down, the milestones they’ve reached as well as the impact they’ve had on the community proves they are an army to be remembered. Even after a successful past few months, their current leader, Prince B, announced the shutdown. The next day, Prince also announced that they would be merging with Pirates.

The CP Army Media team was also able to speak exclusively with Prince B, the most recent leader of The Redemption Force, to learn more about the recent shutdown!

Please note that the following interview has seen minor edits in order to fix grammar. None of the content has been altered.

What was it like to lead The Redemption Force?

Leading the Redemption Force has and always will be one of the best experiences of my life. Previously, I led the Force in 2014 with my really good friends Blaze and Reacon and we formed the first trip in the history of the army. To be able to come back 6 years later and do it again has been something I can’t even put into words. The Redemption Force troops have and always will be the best troops on the entire platform. This generation, specifically our troops, were extremely resilient due to slander about the past of RF and the isolation of RF by media outlets. When I took over RF in the beginning of April, I was given a great foundation and was able to achieve many successes despite what many critics in this community say. In short: a god dream.

Are you going to assist with leading Pirates?

Absolutely! I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity. I know the community we created at RF was close knit and wanted so badly for us to push forward so I owe this opportunity to them 1000%. Also, there’s people out there who love to throw dirt on the RF troops and leaders so this is our chance to shut them up once and for all.

What was your favourite moment with RF?

My favorite moment in RF was seeing our troops grow, mature, and become more and more dedicated to the cause. I know I should be saying one specific battle that didn’t quite go our way, however I wouldn’t be in any position without my troops. They never backed down on the battlefield and fought to the last second. Despite some events where our sizes were lacking, they were always motivated to do better. They didn’t care what the large amount of haters had to say and still say to this day.

Do you have any plans to revive the army in the future?

Absolutely, whenever there is a sustainable CPPS where we can recruit, grow, and thrive. This is what led to the ultimate downfall of RF. The rest of the armies will soon follow this mindset. It is inevitable for the community. The Force will be back, don’t forget it, remember the name. We will be back dominating the scene as usual, proving all of our doubters wrong. Hopefully, the media will be more interested in us and more fair towards us by then.

It is obvious that not only the troops but the leaders as well, have been impacted in a positive way by RF. We here at CP Army Media wish the leaders and members of Redemption Force all the best for the future.


What do YOU think? Will RF have another generation or was this the last ride? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


CP Army Media Executive Producer

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