Crazzyhead Inaugurated as Newest RPF Leader

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation CapitalĀ – The army community is buzzing as the Rebel Penguin Federation, one of today’s biggest armies, has gained a new leader.

The news of Crazzyhead’s promotion to Rebel Commander, RPF’s First in Command rank, broke on the evening of Wednesday, June 4th. Current Rebel Commander Cosmo announced the promotion, stating that Crazzy had been “an amazing asset in the HCOM team” and was ready to serve as a leader alongside him.

Rebel Commander Cosmo’s announcement upon promoting Crazzy

Crazzy first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in June of 2019 and quickly rose through the troop ranks. Her extensive resume includes earning the title of 101st Troop of the Week, a title that is awarded weekly to the best RPF troop. She would join the staff ranks in September of that same year with her promotion to Brigadier General, RPF’s first mod rank. Crazzy was later promoted to Third in Command in December and took on more responsibilities on the administrative side of the army. In March of this year, she was promoted to Second in Command and helped lead numerous battles such as the Defense of Tuxedo, proving to be a vital part of RPF’s success in World War Rewritten. With Crazzy as part of RPF’s staff team, they have reached many milestones such as winning CPAM’s Premier League Tournament and holding the largest event in army history with a max of 178.

RPF’s Defense of Tuxedo – vs. Chaos – April 2020

CP Army Media spoke to Cosmo, a current Rebel Commander of the Rebel Penguin Federation. He stated that “Crazzy was an exceptionally great Second In Command. With her extraordinary administrative skills, I believe that she will be a great Rebel Commander. Since she is one of the best HCOM to grace RPF in the past few months, I am very excited to lead with her and see where the future takes RPF.” Along with contacting Cosmo, we spoke with Crazzy herself to ask about the future of RPF and her journey to becoming a Rebel Commander.

What events led to you becoming the newest Rebel Commander?

So I originally joined RPF last June, not really sure what I was getting into. During that summer, I rose through the troop ranks earning Troop of the Week and making a lot of friends around here. I joined RPF’s staff in September, when I got bumped up to moderator. At that point I was finally being given the opportunity to exert my administrative skills, that later got me to HCOM in December. From that point on, I had the chance to lead Strike Force events, lead Practice Battles, and assist my staff as best I could. Then came March, where I was promoted to Second in Command leading up to a World War within the community. I had the opportunity to lead during those war battles, most notably the Defense of Tuxedo, where I had a chance to assert my leadership skill. Post war, I was awarded our HOF role known as “Rebel”; I continued to help out RPF with our army relations and general mechanics within the community. Then ultimately, after being in RPF for 11 months and HCOM for 6 of those months, I got promoted to Rebel Commander.

What experience do you have in the army community that you think will help you as Rebel Commander?

Since my earlier times as a troop and even a mid ranked mod in RPF, I started to get a better idea of what this community is from our Strike Force events. After being exposed to this part of armies, I started getting more involved. Became friends with people in other armies, including veterans, started to read up on history, and began to figure out how stuff worked based off that. Closer to the end of my moderator reign, I was more involved in the CPA community from a backseat perspective, observing my RC (Ultipenguinj) handle situations and battles; his leading style is something I admire a lot, and hope to implement in my own experiences. When I got up to HCOM, definitely was more indulged in this community, having to handle army relations and issues firsthand. Definitely having someone like Ulti and various other HCOM to look up to helped me get to the point where I am now. Being given the opportunity to lead battles is definitely an experience, it gave me better feel for how things are run around here.

Are there any changes you’d like to make to the army?

Off the top of my head, I wouldn’t really change much. I think the system we have regarding our staff, ranks, etc. is pretty organized and clear. Same with the way we handle events for our troops. I’d continue to lead RPF the way it’s been, but if anything I’d like to see us be more involved in the army community.

Anything else to add?

For troops in RPF, or any army in general: Rising through the ranks from Recruit to Leader is not impossible, just keep working at it and you’ll be surprised with how far you go.

There is no doubt that the Rebel Penguin Federation will benefit Crazzy’s leadership, and we at CPAM eagerly wait to watch their progress in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how the appointment of a new leader affects RPF in their plight to win this year’s Legends Cup tournament. We at CPAM wish Crazzy the best of luck in her future with RPF!

What do YOU think? Will RPF flourish with their new leader? Will they win this year’s Legends Cup? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Congratulations Crazzy!


  2. congration Crazzy + stay strong yu are Nice frend to me and rember fighte the Gud fighte


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