Gingersnap Returns to DCP leadership

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ – After a long break – spanning over one month – Gingersnap, army veteran and Doritos legend, has returned to the Doritos leadership. The well respected army veteran has been involved with the Doritos for over 8 years and has achieved the beloved legend status within the army. It seems Gingersnap is not quite done yet, and is back to prove that his time in the Doritos will go down in history. Read on to find out the latest on Gingersnap’s return, and his future within the army.

Gingersnaps’ involvement in DCP started in the early 2012, where he put, as he states in an official interview on the DCP website, “a lot of hours in Old CP” to make his way up to the top. On April 23 he decided to retire with a small speech a special thanks to some of the leaders of DCP.

Hey family,

Today, a journey that has lasted around 8 years is coming to a close. I, Gingersnap am officially going to be leaving the army community.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Whether or not you like me, or hate me all I know is that I have nothing but love for all of my friends that I have gathered thru my tenure in THE GREATEST ARMY OF ALL TIME. It’s incredibly hard for me to make this decision, but I think it is the right choice for me at this stage. My life right now is at a crossroads. I need to focus more on my real life rather than my online life.

I might miss the battles, the feeling of leading troops into war, the friends I have accumulated over the years, in fact I know I will miss those things dearly. I need to gather my mental health and move on from all of this.

– Gingersnap, April 23, 2020

As we can see from the above post – Gingersnap’s reasons for departing the Doritos leadership were conflicts between his personal life and his army life – which is totally understandable. Hopefully, everything is okay with Gingersnap now, and we at CP: Army League wish him the best, and hope everything goes well with his return!

On June 3rd, 2020 Gingersnap appeared in the DCP announcements with a simple “im back”, shocking a lot of the members (and staff). This begs the question – what will the future of the Doritos be like under Gingersnap’s leadership? Only time will tell. Below is the screenshot of Gingersnap’s “announcement.”

Gingersnaps short “speech” informing DCP members about his reinstatement.

We got a chance to speak to Gingersnap and ask him a few questions, regarding his return to the Doritos leadership and Club Penguin Armies as a whole:

CPAL: How do you feel returning to the leadership of DCP?

Gingersnap: I feel like i’m returning to prove something. That DCP is the greatest army of all time. I’ve returned for the Legends cup, and I intend to win it

CPAL: Do you think DCP will improve with your help?

Gingersnap: I would hope so

CPAL: Are you happy to be around your fellow DCP leaders again?

Gingersnap: Yes, i’m happy to share in this last hurrah of my army career

CPAL: Most importantly, why have you decided to reinstate as a DCP leader?

Gingersnap: The number one reason is my desire to win the legends cup for DCP. I feel like with my assistance we will be able to dominate this tournament with ease, alongside my fellow legendary leaders

CPAL: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Gingersnap: dcp4life

As we can see from the interview, Gingersnap states he returned to the DCP community because he wants to prove that DCP is the greatest army of all time and so DCP can win the Legends Cup. Lets hope he stays for longer than just the Legends Cup and leads more glorious battles and Invasions.

Hopefully DCP will go to higher ranks than ever before with Gingersnap leading. Gingersnap led them to their glory before, he can surely do it again, and Club Penguin Army League hopes for the best with Gingersnap’s return.

In my opinion, I think Gingersnap’s return will impact all of DCP and maybe the whole CPAL community. He has grown DCP before, he will surely do it again, maybe even winning the Legends Cup and becoming the largest (and strongest) army CPAL has seen.


What do YOU think? Will Gingersnap help DCP reach greater heights? Will Gingersnap stay longer than just the Legends Cup? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments

CP Army League Reporter in Training

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CP Army League Editor-in-Chief



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