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SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – So much has happened regarding the SWAT army. It seems that not too long ago, SWAT was split into two and forced to regenerate their army, almost from scratch. So, where are they now? I sat down with current SWAT leader xFastx to get the latest update on SWAT’s reemergence.

You might recall when former SWAT leader Zuke was couped from the SWAT leadership team, leaving SWAT in disarray as they re-made their website and server. This led to SWAT having to rebuild what they once had, taking what loyal troops and high command they could and starting anew. But this proved difficult for the long-standing SWAT army. It led to some doubts among the leadership and ultimately, SWAT merged into the Doritos of Club Penguin.

But this merger just didn’t feel right to what remained of SWAT’s leadership, and they decided it was time to start again and lead a new generation of SWAT to victory once again. Losing former leaders Maroon, Badboy, Lights, and Vo Yo, SWAT currently sees xFastx and Sophy Bee as their fearless leaders, with Conor and Ganger90 (the original founder of SWAT) taking on advising roles for the army.

Today, I got the chance to sit down with SWAT leader xFastx to see how SWAT has been doing after all of these significant changes. Read below for the exclusive interview.

Exclusive interview with current SWAT leader, xFastx.

CPAL: SWAT has had its fair share of ups and downs lately, how have you all been able to bounce back from all the hardships?

xFastx: Honestly, I’d have to give Conor/Sweater the credit for getting SWAT back every time something had happened to it in recent times. He’s the most dedicated to SWAT. In the first generation this year where Zuke led, people had complaints about Zuke and how he handled HCOM, staff, etc. Conor was the leader who acted upon these complaints. With his help we managed to coup Zuke and recreate a new SWAT and this was all thanks to him. Same thing with the merge, people came to him, as everyone knows him and that he’s the nicest person to talk to and that he’ll take complaints seriously. Lots of people told him that they weren’t enjoying the merge and wanted SWAT to come back. He was the one who contacted us leaders and asked us if we wanted to lead, he organized the discord, etc. Everything SWAT has succeeded in past months was thanks to him, especially the humanity that SWAT has been able to keep. With Conor, everyone is able to feel safe and heard in SWAT (of course Sophy and I offer the same for our agents, but Conor has done this in previous generations, and is generally known to be open to help and just there for you). This also wouldn’t have been possible without our closest friends and loyal SWAT agents of course, but Conor has truly been the best and I deeply appreciate him and his efforts.

CPAL: What initially caused the merger into DCP?

xFastx: I can’t give you the whole answer or really any answer except my speculations, as I wasn’t leading at the time and it wasn’t discussed with me, but the reason isn’t really hard to figure out; SWAT had been maxing next to nothing, there weren’t a lot of active members, and anyone could see it was falling apart. If I recall correctly, we maxed 15 on our final event, which wasn’t exactly impressive. Badboy said he decided to merge into DCP to not “let down his troops” and basically to give them a “new home”, so that they wouldn’t stay with nothing because SWAT was dying anyway. Evidently, the merger wasn’t the best idea, as not everyone really liked the decision or felt comfortable in DCP, but at least it enabled us to recreate SWAT with new leaders and a new “style”.

CPAL: Was un-merging from DCP a difficult decision? How did you know you would be successful?

xFastx: For me personally, it wasn’t a difficult decision because I didn’t take part in that decision. I was asked if I would be up to lead SWAT and I naturally said yes, as the other leaders did. Sweater/Conor was the one who made that decision. I assume the decision was difficult but also fairly easy at the same time. It was difficult because we had just freshly merged into DCP, closed down SWAT, and he was LiT at DCP. Simultaneously, people were telling him that they missed SWAT, wanted it to come back, weren’t feeling comfortable in DCP, etc. This is probably what drove him to reopen SWAT and how he came to that decision. We definitely weren’t sure that we would be successful, but thankfully we had gathered a handful of our previous loyal HCOM and close friends, set up the server, and Conor had gotten us leaders to lead this new gen and so it was decided that SWAT’s reopening would be happening.

CPAL: How do you feel about the currently new generation of SWAT? Do you think you’ll be able to live up to SWAT’s former glory?

xFastx: I feel great about this generation. It is probably the most conflict-free, friendliest SWAT generation of 2020, which is what we were aiming for- to create a safe and friendly space for our troops. Sure, maybe we aren’t currently maxing as much as before, but is that everything armies are about? To not give a damn about your troops, be mean and threatening to your HCOM, but max 60+? Well, that isn’t our opinion and that’s why we’re so happy to finally have a good and non-toxic generation. We can’t know if we’ll “live up” to previous generations, as recruiting has become a difficulty for any army right now, and as we’ve just recently started, it has been noticeably more difficult to gain new troops, but my fellow leader, HCOM, staff, and troops are all working hard to recruit and get some new agents. Even if we won’t be maxing as much right now, we’re still out there and having impressive events, recently having beaten GT with a landslide victory in the first round of the Legends Cup.

CPAL: What plans do you have for SWAT’s future and beyond?

xFastx: We definitely have a lot of plans for SWAT, but currently we are “chilling” and trying to get our numbers up while not participating in any conflicts/wars. We’d like to stay neutral/friendly for as long as needed to to make sure we don’t fail, like how fast it happened in the previous generation. We will be recruiting a lot, practicing, having practice battles and also fun events in the near future to build up our community. I won’t comment on the farther future, except for that CPA should be prepared for SWAT’s major comeback.

CPAL: And finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to the CPAL community?

xFastx: As you’ve probably noticed looking at my previous answers, I am very grateful to Sweater/Conor for being so dedicated to SWAT, making the effort so many times to make sure everybody in SWAT truly feels at home, and helping us out so much during this generation. Sophy and I are both completely new to leading, which I find is also very good for an army such as SWAT to get some freshlings leading it, but Conor is definitely a huge help in getting us used to this and making sure we start off well. I am also thankful for Ganger90, original founder of SWAT, for coming back to help us, as he hadn’t been active in previous 2020 generations and is now back and actively recruiting and advising us, which is definitely a huge help. I am very excited to lead alongside my fellow leader, I am sure she is too. I am sure SWAT will be running smoothly because of the great friendship we have. I am very excited for the future and hope CPA is prepared. Additionally, I appreciate you taking the time to conduct an interview with me.

xFastx, alongside SWAT leader Sophy and SWAT’s advisors, has begun a new generation of SWAT that they hope will be better than the last. They have fostered a whole new and welcoming environment for troops and are certain that they will live up to their former glory in due time.

This is not all that SWAT has in store either. They recently went through to the second round of the Legend’s Cup, beating out the Golden Troops for a spot to face off against the Dark Warriors. Take a look below:

While SWAT is still continuing to grow and flourish under new leadership in this new generation, it is clear that they are serious about their future and what is to come for them. They are hopeful for what comes next and are glad to be a part of SWAT in any way possible. It is apparent that SWAT is more than just an army to them, and they intend to keep it that way for themselves and for anyone who joins them. Until next time, this is Neo, signing off.

What do YOU think? Will this new generation of SWAT defeat the Dark Warriors for a spot in the third round of the Legend’s Cup? Will they be able to take some land on the server map for their own? What do you think about the future of this new SWAT? What major comeback do you think they have prepared? Let us know in the comments below!


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