Army League Investigates Badboy’s Work Environment

Summit- Dorito’s Capital– Badboy, leader of Doritos, as well as proud Dunkin Donut’s Employee, has been very adamant on giving anybody from this community a great taste of donuts. We decided to take matters into our own hands and send a trusted informant from an anonymous army to his place of employment and see what the hype is about with his Dunkin Donuts.

Satire Warning: Nothing in this post is serious. This is all out of good fun.

Right from the get go, when many of us first met Badboy, we were taken back by how profound he is with the way he speaks. It is clear as day that Badboy is a very nostalgic man, as he has been seen talking about the old days and how the army community used to be. After getting to know the man that is Badboy, we quickly discovered that he works for the popular American Breakfast Chain, Dunkin Donuts.


The question then became how. How were we, the Army League Community, going to find someone who Is close enough to drive out to his location, and see what this place is all about. This is where our confidential informant came in to play. Their name has been kept anonymous for their safety as well as the safety of their experience that they had at Badboy’s Dunkin Donuts.


Before sending our informant out to this Dunkin Donuts, I took it upon myself to do some Yelp research into what the people of Badboy’s IRL community had to say about his Dunkin Donuts. Let’s just say, this is where things get spicy.

Unfortunately, I discovered that this was an ACTUAL review for Badboy’s Dunkin Donuts. Just from this review, it seems as if his location is not known for having great service. Also this individual who wrote this seems to be quite knowledgeable of Dunkin Donuts around the United States. I’m not sure about you all, but I believe what this person says due to the way he structured his review. Apparently, Badboy is not to be trusted with your breakfast needs.


This is where our informant really came into play.

Fusion: “How did you discover where Badboy’s Dunkin Donuts was located?”

Confidential Informant (CI): “He told me in main chat. Lowkey doxxed himself but I respect the hussle.”

Fusion: “What did you discover about Badboy, and about his place of employment when you arrived?”

CI: “When I first arrived at badboy’s dunkin, I quickly noticed how lively the staff was. This one man was very passionate about sniffing the powdered donuts. Anyways, the building itself was kind of sketchy but the hot water that they told me was coffee was pretty great. All in all, probably the greatest experience of my life.”

Fusion: “Would you recommend that anyone from Army League travels to visit Badboy at work?”

CI: “Oh yeah it was well worth the ride. At first I thought i had my hopes up too much, but once I saw the molded brown doors to that dunkin, I thought it was the gates oh heaven itself. And just as God would have greeted me in the afterlife, I was greeted by Badboy’s divine customer service. My expectations had been greatly exceeded, highly recommend.”

Fusion: “Incredible. Any final thoughts?”
CI: “Wakey wakey, Badboys bakedy”
The joke has been made several times about the powdered donuts that are served at this location. We have reason to believe that they put way too much powder on the donuts. We also cannot be sure what kind of powder this powder is. Powdered sugar? Flour? Sugar? Salt? Who knows what it is. But all we know is this, somethings not adding up here. Do we have ourselves another scandal in the Army League community? Badboy, we need some explanations.
Since Badboy made his return to the army community by leading SWAT, the Dunkin jokes came filing in, one by one, as we finally discovered a little more about the man that is Badboy, outside of the Army League, and Doritos servers. Let’s just hope that this inspires this community to learn more about each other.
Army League Reporter

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