CPAM Special Report: Pirates Disqualified From Legends Cup X For Mass Multi-logging

Update: Caramelcoco has spoken out, admitting she did multilog at the first Legends Cup X battle. She disclosed AC9123 was her sister, explaining the same IP addresses, and proof of this was provided.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Investigation Office – In a CP Army Media special report, we take a look at the excessive multi-logging that has been occurring within the Pirates leadership and higher command.

Following our last special report that uncovered the Skaters leadership, today all eyes are looking in the direction of the Pirates. Having enjoyed many successes in the army community recently, such as placing second in the Top Twenty for the past fortnight, it would appear all is thriving aboard their ship. However, this is not the case. CP Army Media can exclusively reveal an extensive multi-logging operation in the leadership and higher command, with a predicted number of at least 16 multi-logs.


Suspicions were first raised in the early hours of June 7th, and an investigation was launched in collaboration with CP Armies: The Game creator Superhero123. As the only man with IP login information, he was able to tell which penguins were being logged on to events with the same IP address. Multiple penguins with the same IP address means the login location is the same. The defence of many in the community recently has been: “My brother/sister/friends were at my house and logged on for the event alongside me.” Before we proceed, it is important to take note that while this is possible for one – or perhaps two – people, it is highly unlikely for 10 people to claim this story.

We cross-matched the recent Pirates events with the alt accounts that Superhero provided, and discovered multilogging was present at every event in the past several weeks, including their Legends Cup X Round One battle. To simplify the information, we have summed up the results of the investigation in the following bullet points:

  • Leader Twas had the same login location as the penguins Imnice, Furry123 (P10270) and P5928, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain Sacha had the same login IP as the penguins Shorts and Sand, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain September had the same login IP as the penguins Zzzz4, Qqq32 (P10406), Carriel and Dezzie, indicating multilogging.
  • Co-Captain Newnickie had the same login IP as penguin Sambohambo, indicating multilogging.
  • Veteran Rain’s account ‘Gamerrain‘ had the same login IP as Piratesilove (P10635) and Pirategirl (10634), indicating multilogging.
  • High moderator Caramelcoco logged on with the penguins Caramel and Coco, which shared the same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Anakin and Snebbi7 shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Snowmann and Frostty shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.
  • The penguins Rayleigh and Baka shared same login IP, indicating multilogging.

The following pictures show these accounts present at Pirates events. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The results indicate that at least 9 people have been multilogging at least 16 penguins. 

Legends Cup Round Two

On June 7th, the Pirates logged on to battle the Crimson Guardians in the second round of the Legends Cup X. Aware of the multi-logging situation, the Legends Cup organisers were looking out for illicit activity. As predicted, significant multi-logging occurred. The following sums up the Legends Cup round two investigation:

  • Leader Epic101 had the same login IP address as penguins Forrockhoppa, Dcpalt1, Skittles1926 and Skonky19 (P11425), indicating multi-logging.
  • September had the same IP login as Tiarat and Zzzz4, indicating multi-logging.
  • Caramel had the same IP login as Ac9123, indicating multi-logging.
  • Katieee511 had the same IP login as Bubbly101, indicating multi-logging.
  • Newnickie had the same IP login as Sambohambo, indicating multi-logging.
  • Maddieee46 had the same IP login as Sunflower46, indicating multi-logging.
  • Twas had the same IP login as Furry123 and P5928, indicating multi-logging.
  • Alan947 had the same IP login as Alanwiad, indicating multi-logging.

Pre-battle room.

Room 1

Room 3

The results indicate that a total of 8 people multi-logged 13 penguins at this battle. 


To conclude, CP Army Media believes an excessive amount of multi-logging has occurred within the Pirates. Because of this, the Pirates have been disqualified from the Legends Cup X. Due to the controversy surrounding the outcome of the Water Vikings and Elites battle earlier today, the Water Vikings will instead advance to the quarter finals in their place. The Crimson Guardians have agreed to this, and the result of the round two battle has been amended as a victory for the Crimson Guardians. CP Army Media will be making a statement regarding the Pirates and this weeks Top Twenty listings soon.

The Legends Cup organisers will continue to observe the upcoming battles for similar activity, and any multi-logging will be met with the harshest consequences. Until the next time I make one of these posts, peace out. 

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President


15 Responses

  1. Max,, my man, why you always post while i’m doing school?


  2. So the Pirates are accusing DCP of multilogging while they multilog.


  3. best alt name is Furry123 for twas, twas is confirmed furry




  5. So for people who actually have siblings… too bad?


  6. lmao epic’s pissed


  7. Pirates deserve it and crimson guardians good luck in round 3!


  8. multilogz


  9. 50+ and still feel the need to multilog vs an army that had like 15?


    • They probably wanted to show to the army community that they could still pull off the sizes that they used to in CPO


  10. It’s a shame :/
    Pirates was one of the best armies by far.


  11. dont u love when epic drags armies for multilogging but he himself multilogs against an army that legit maxes 12


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