The Marines Set Sail for a New Age

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Marines Empire — In a stunning turn of events, the Marines of Club Penguin have opened their doors to the community again.

After one month of being shut down, Marines leader, Revan, has decided to revive the army. Sf1998 created the Marines of Club Penguin in 2006. In 2007, the army became as influential as ACP and Romans at the time. They immediately allied with ACP and fought by their side until the Marines shut down.

For their run in Club Penguin Private Servers, they were revived by several veterans in April 2020. Their last event before they shut down was on May 4th, for a practice battle against the Golds. Soon after that, former leader, Buddy, shut down the army and effectively merged them into the Golden Guardians.

marines history 6

Marines – May 2020

CP Army Media got a chance to speak with Marines Leader, Revan. Let’s hear it from the man himself!

What are your intentions for the army as they build back up?

My intentions are to have fun, do what armies do and, enter a few wars.

What do you think it will be like to lead this new generation of the Marines?

It will be difficult at first with all that has changed with armies in the years I have been gone but i will adapt and learn and it will become just like it was all those years ago, specially with the help of my advisors.

Are there any others to lead alongside you in the battles and events?

Right now, I am solo leading but, I have capable people supporting me during events.

Do you plan to keep the army running for a long time?

I hope to see it last a very long time, as I want this to be the best generation that the Marines have ever seen

As we can see, the new generation of the Marines seems to be promising. So far, they have had a lot of returning faces join back. Their return event, on Tuesday, aims to max at least 20 troops. Here at the Marines, it’s obvious they have a long future ahead of them with battling left and right and hoping to reclaim their legacy.


What do YOU think of the new generation of Marines?
Comment below and let us know.


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


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