[EDITORIAL] Is it really just a game?

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.

SLUSHY, Lucifer’s Office: In the short while, that armies from across platforms have begun to unite, we’ve come across several historic battles. Almost immediately after hostilities between the two organisations came to a halt, we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Ice Warriors and the Doritos face off in a three way battle. We saw armies like the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin face off in a Practice Battle. It’s not just that, though. We also saw several scandalous moments, most prominently, armies multilogging. When news of the Pirates multilogging broke out, we saw several people calling for the ostracisation of CPPA, we saw multitudes of people going , “Why do you have to multilog? It’s just a game.” And I think that’s a statement that really got me thinking, Is it really just a game?

Again, I don’t mean to be that guy who thinks Club Penguin Armies is a way of life. Putting it that way, is far too simple a way to structure this complex almost utopic reality that we’ve created for ourselves. Away from our real lives, one might even say that this tiny bubble that we live in, that we call Club Penguin Armies, is almost as egalitarian a world as can be for a world run by humans. Human nature is one governed by greed and the lust for power. Yet, almost like our ancestors before us in reality, we’ve come forward as a society, and we’ve accepted to be governed by law. While one might argue that these laws are bent and misused by ones in power, more often than not, we must also remember that isn’t that what happens in reality too?

Often when I talk about this in daily conversation, people ask me, “What law are we following? There is no body to enforce it, and there is no body that really regulates and creates it in order to be called law, this is just a game.” All those rules that we follow for invasions, all those 24 hours reminders that we have, that is indeed law. With every passing day, CP Army League has found loopholes being exploited and has continued working on the rules we have, so isn’t that almost exactly what Law is in real life? Again, this is notwithstanding to CPAL alone, even CPAM as a separate body have their own set of rules that they uphold. When we as a community came forward to agree upon these rules and even go to the extent of revolting against these rules, the Army League has listened, and has made apt changes where need be.

CPAL main chat when ODA misused a loophole in Invasion Rules in order to avoid an invasion on their capital.

CPAL making a new rule over the said loophole within the next 6 hours.

It’s almost as if this world we’ve created for ourselves is an almost ditto image of the real world itself. The incongruity that is in fact imbued from the time of inception deep within these armies, almost mimics that of different countries in our world. Call our troops the population and call our HCOM the government, and you may even go to the extent of calling CPA another world within our own world. I’m sure Disney had no intention of creating this, when they decided to go about creating Club penguin, and yet here we are.

So is it really just a game?

All those multilogging scandals, all those wars that we declare, the petty invasions, the colonisations, the backstabbing and all of it. It all comes down to how seriously we take this game, while there’s several people, more specifically, retired veterans who say, “You’re taking this too seriously, its just a game” are probably the same people who waged war over a colored virtual map. Even those new generation leaders who say its just a game are the same people who stayed up till ungodly hours so they could attend that AUSIA event in order to gain more points through the AUSIA curve. It’s not just that though, we’ve grown to learn not only art of deceit through wars, but also the art of negotiation. While you winning a war against another army and successfully treaty-ing them is not something that you can boast about in reality. What you essentially gained is not just a victory, you’ve gained the practical knowledge of negotiation and working under stress which inevitably comes handy sooner or later.

Your typical War Treaty requires you to cover all aspects and ensure it’s water tight in order for it to really serve its true purpose. Does this not require smart tactical plays?

All those hours that we spent trying to convince someone to join our army/alliance, is it not the art of negotiation that takes the center stage? Wars at different hours of the day, do we not manage our schedule to fix in those CP hours? I, myself, check my discord messages first thing in the morning to see what I missed during my sleep. Maybe its not all of you, but I’m sure I’m not the only one here who’s guilty of it. Those endless hours on Discord, the efforts we made to recruit despite words being banned on Club Penguin Rewritten, the efforts we made after CPO shut down, is it all for just a simple children’s penguin game? I think not.

Maybe it is just a glorified distraction in a way, and maybe it has its own fair share of toxicity, but what we have here is an almost exact replica of how politics works in reality. Maybe I’m wrong and this isn’t one bit like real politics, but this is what we’ve experienced as children, be it a 13 year old, or a 15 year old, or even a 21 year old, this is about as close to politics as we’ve ever gotten. While we joke around and talk about how Badboy is so serious about the Server Map and is going about making treaties, or how Ice Warriors is taking over the map, I think what we’re really missing out on here, is the practical value that being in Armies brings about. Sure it’s got its fair share of toxicity, but that’s how the real world works too.


Now here’s a topic that’s been discussed way too many times. I could probably go on about why multilogging is unethical and shameful for another 500 words, but that would probably bore you, for it’s an overly discussed topic already. Rather, I wish to offer a more controversial perspective to it. With the fall of CPO, we’ve seen dm recruiting quickly becoming a trend, in the same fashion, has multilogging become necessary? Are Armies unable to cope with the falling numbers and are now desperate to maintain their pristine history? Such a topic begs for a separate discussion, but its just food for thought.

Now what we’ve noticed over the last two weeks or so, is armies continuously multilogging despite how easy it is to get caught. Now that brings me back to my initial point, the point over how seriously people take the game. A place in the Top Ten, or even the Top Five is one that’s held at a high regard and naturally brings its own share of competition. After all these events, am I still wrong about this being more than just a simple game to its players?

Reporters/Administration Staff/Graphic Designers

While I’ve already spoken about how just being in army for a while has its own practical uses, I did not touch upon the Administration team of CPAL itself. Now this is definitely something I can tell you with certainty and my time in the reporting team only acts as a guarantee. Reporting is not a skill that you’re born with as most people believe, I believe reporting is a skill that’s acquired over a period of time. An acquired skill more often than not requires practical experience and this game, more specifically, this League, offers just that. No one is born with the capability to structure their sentences in a way that is not only grammatically correct, but also interesting to its viewers. Throughout my time as a reporter on the website, with over 60 reports, I’ve not only improved my vocabulary, but I’ve also come to terms with the fact that there’s still so much more that I don’t know. When I first joined the team, I felt the little knowledge I had of making  reports/essays in school would be enough to guide me through my time as a reporter, but oh boy was I wrong.

Even being in the Administration requires you to possess skills that not everyone has. Again, I’m not saying, that only a few people could do it, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s again an acquired skill. Is it easy to run the League? Of course not. You have thousands if not tens of thousands of people depending on you to make rules that are not only fair, but also agreed upon by everyone. Do you learn to manage your time just by being a part of the Administration? Of course. The job demands good management skills.

Graphic designers, not just the ones who design for CPAL itself, but also all those army troops who help design their websites and all of it, they don’t realize what skill they’re acquiring in the process of having fun. Of course it’s fun to make your website attractive, but this is a skill you helped improve on through fun and games instead of paying for a real life instructor. Again, I’m not saying this duplicates the teaching a real design institute would provide for you, but this is definitely a catalyst to you improving the skill you already have.

Communal Harmony

If you’ve joined a new army, you’re typically greeted with this Self Roles option on their discord. Just by looking at this particular screenshot, you can see the diversity that exists in just that one army alone. Sure majority might say the US, but the US option incorporates all of North and South America. Every army is diverse in its own way. Being in Armies not only helps you meet different people from all across the world, but it also helps you make long lasting friendships. Through daily conversations in your army discords, which is not always about war, you learn so much about different cultures, traditions and religions. Trace back for when I claimed this to be almost an egalitarian society, it stands valid for there’s rarely been any complaints of racism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but it stands so lowly proportionate to the real world, we might even go to the extent of calling it utopic. We’ve even gone to the extents of having Pride Events on Club Penguin and that in itself speaks for the solidarity that exists in the community today.

We’ve grown to acquire the skill of communal harmony which is so lost in the real world. Throughout my time in the League, I’ve met beautiful people who’re so smart, so innovative and so kind. Everyone kept warning me about how the community is so toxic and all of it, but let’s face it. Its the few people that make the community toxic, once you really go into the depths of it, there’s beauty. Wars are only a subsection of this tiny little bubble we’ve created for ourselves, the bigger picture is one that makes us more accepting, makes us broaden our vision, and helps improve the bonds have with people despite the distance.

In conclusion, people might joke about how everyone’s taking this too seriously and it’s just a game, but in reality, it isn’t. It requires a deep understanding of real core values of the game that we’ve created for ourselves. Of course, one might even say its dystopic to an extent, and maybe it is. But it’s the closest we’ve come to utopia. And maybe that’s what utopia is, maybe utopia is just a society with the least dystopia. I guess that’s what our nursery rhymes meant when they said, you have to deal with the rain in order to enjoy the rainbow.

Did you enjoy the Editorial? Do you share the same thoughts as I do? Let me know what YOU think about this in the comments below!


CP Army League Chief Executive Officer

CP Army League Board of Directors

5 Responses

  1. I think people think it’s a game but in the end take It too far, and get out of control with things.


  2. Of course its a game but those people that multilog does not understand that,they think there are real penguins that fight for things ;-;


  3. The multilogging is unnecessary, but I feel that sometimes, the reason we argue is because we feel how it would be in the real world. For example, if someone invades someone else the same day they are trying to hold a ceremony or something, then that would be pretty low… All i am saying is that we shouldn’t multi bc it is a game, but to also respect how it might translate to the real world.


  4. I totally agree with what you’ve said above, people say its a game but there’s a lot more to it than you can see as a mere spectator. As an addition, this editorial does not even cash in the emotions of those involved in CPA. Things get out of hand, yeah, but look around your irl life. Out of hand? If you say no, then try to actually stay in touch bro. Handling the out of hand is what matters, and CPA is just another place remarkably close to what we see irl.


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