[EDITORIAL] What Does The Surge In CP Rewritten Autotyping Mean?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Max’s Desk – A rapid increase in autotyping has occurred in the past few weeks, following CP Online’s death and the move of many armies to a new platform. But what does this really mean for our community? 

The use of autotyping has always been surrounded with a questionable morality, despite its excessive use over the past seven years. It was first used by Elmikey’s Rebel Penguin Federation in 2013, and was quickly caught on by the rest of the community.

Autotyping is the use of a third party program to automatically type out recruiting messages. It is done on busy Club Penguin servers and, while it can be effective, can also create a negative relationship with the platforms and general users.

With the use of autotyping to recruit news members sanctioned in the CP Online army community, many of the armies that have moved platform are now autotyping on other popular platforms. This includes CP Rewritten, who actively opposes the promotion of armies on their game. The image above shows the Ice Warriors autotyping exploits on June 5th, including a link to their website on a popular five-bar server.

CP Online permitted the use of autotyping on their platform, which means the numerous members involved in that army community are used to this form of recruiting and haven’t yet adapted to the ‘norm’ of CP Rewritten armies. Could this cause problems in the future?


Before the death of CP Online, the CP Rewritten army community did not use autotyping for recruitment. Instead, their main approach was personal Club Penguin recruiting, in which a recruiter would approach penguins in-game and ask if they wanted to join. Although this is no better in terms of “breaking CP Rewritten rules”, it did mean general users of the game harboured less of a negative opinion about the army community.

CP Rewritten’s response to this increase in autotyping has been the tightening of the chat filter. With many army names and recruiting phrases now blocked, it is harder than ever to auto-type or even ‘solo’ recruit new members. We have experienced this before with the original Club Penguin, and it led to the slow demise of the community. Could the same thing happen again?

CP Army Media spoke to several key figures in the community, to see what their thoughts on CP Rewritten autotyping are.

Kingfunks4, Water Vikings leader:

I don’t have strong opinions one way or the other on autotyping. On the one hand it is good because you can recruit for long periods of time, without actually being there, so it’s a lot easier than manually recruiting. However, I doubt its effectiveness to gain valuable recruits. Many will just try to speak to the autotyper and get frustrated at a lack of reply and conversation. Ultimately, it also gives CP Armies a bad name because it is annoying for the average CPR user – this was the main reason Disney got annoyed at CP Armies in 2013-16. For these reasons WV decided not to use autotypers to recruit and instead opted for more personal approaches.

32op, Doritos Leader

As an army leader, I obviously love autotyping. DCP grew to 1000 discord users in under a week with the use of autotyping on Club Penguin Online, something never imaginable. However, I can see why users would think having 5 penguins in town in every server is annoying and could ruin some of the fun in CP. I personally think army leaders should take responsibility while having autotypers such as limiting themselves to only putting two on a server etc. Other then that, autotyping is amazing.

Ayan, CP Army Media Chief-Executive-Officer

Autotyping, in my opinion, can be considered as beneficial as well as unnecessary. It depends on how the army uses it. If you have led an army in CPOnline, or in any CPPS which supports armies, auto-typing is heavenly to get new recruits. But on the same hand, if you provide the program to someone who would just use it anywhere, it won’t be of any use. I personally have used an autotyper, and I think it works well if you combine the hotkeys with manual recruiting methods.

Koloway, CP Army Legend:

Autotyping is something the CPA community fought hard to get rid of for years. Upon the weakening of many games moderation systems, autotyping is making an unwanted comeback. Armies have grown to unprecedented sizes all across the board in the absence of autotyping, likely due to the positive reputation of modern armies. The integrity of an army and the community as a whole is hurt, and the potential recruits will never look at armies the same if autotyping continues.

Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Main Leader:

I think it’s a good last resort to get recruits, since Disney is currently going after almost every CPPS, our time in armies is unfortunately not going to last much longer. I don’t know if it’s the most effective, but if armies combine it with the Discord/personal CP recruiting, then it seems like it would be a pretty good mixture. It’s also good to diversify an army’s recruiting methods. Ice Warriors use a mixture of everything. 

So, what are your thoughts on CP Rewritten autotyping in this current generation of armies? Is it the most effective approach? Or is it a lazy way to recruit that is also ruining the army community’s relationship with different platforms?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President


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