Golden Troops and Marines Clash In Close Battle

WHITE HOUSE, Rebel Penguin Federation Territory – On the 11th of June, the Marines and Golden Troops went head-to-head in a very close practice battle – but who emerged the winner?

Room 1: Dojo

The Marines and Golden Troops both stormed the Dojo while executing bombs. The Marines formed an X and the Golden Troops created an upside-down T formation. Both armies stood their ground as they maintained these formations until the end of the room. The Golden Troops took the win in the Dojo, due to a higher size of 16. 

Room 1: The Dojo

Room 2: Iceberg

Following the first room, the two armies headed to the Iceberg, with the Marines forming a V and the Golden Troops making a plus formation. Quickly after the Golden Troops changed to an X formation, and stayed there for several minutes. Both armies then jumped into action with the Golden Troops cleanly circling the berg and the Marines executed a strong plus. Both sides maintained similar sizes and standard of tactics. The Marines were declared the winners of the Iceberg!

Room 2: The Iceberg

Room 3: Ice Rink

The Marines and Golden Troops bombed the Ice Rink and shortly afterward the Marines formed two lines while the Golden Troops opted for a plus formation. Following a short exchange of tactics, the Marines broke the two line formation and created a diagonal to cut through the Golden Troops. To combat this the Golden Troops surrounded the Ice Rink and the Marines took their place forming two lines in the center. The winner of this room was the Golden Troops.

Room 3: The Ice Rink

After this quick battle it was decided that the Golden Troops were victorious with a score of 2-1-0, with the Golden Troops winning rooms one and three and the Marines winning room two. This was a close battle with both armies performing well.

Who do YOU think should have won this battle? Let us know in the comments below.


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


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  1. Could’ve been a little more detailed, but a good post nonetheless.


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