Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers Target Peoples’ Imperial Confederation

Update @ 7:50 pm EST: Templars have now joined in this conflict and have scheduled invasions of PIC servers Toboggan and Snow Shoe.

TOBOGGAN, People’s Imperial Confederation Empire – Suddenly, 2 armies have decided to invade multiple servers that belong to People Imperial Confederation. One army seems to be doing it without reason, but another is seeking revenge after being falsely accused of multi-logging.

On the morning of June 15th, the Red Ravager’s and Pizza Federation’s leaders announced the invasion of 6 servers, all belonging to one army: Peoples’ Imperial Confederation. RR leader Honda posted the invasions of Snow Shoe, Below Zero, and PIC’s capital, Toboggan. While PZF’s leader Hidcre also scheduled the invasions of Belly Slide, Wool Socks, and Husky.

In a private conversation with one of the current leader’s of RR, Honda, he shared his anticlimatic reasons for invading PIC:

While on the other hand, PZF leader Hidcre’s reason behind the invasions is quite the opposite. Following the announcements of invasion, Hidcre stated that these invasions were ‘payback’ for being falsely accused of multi-logging by PIC:

The statements from both of the armies can be viewed as contradicting each other. From what can be seen, it is suspected that Honda has a mutual agreement with Hidcre for the invasions, as well as the purpose behind these invasions. On the other hand, in Hidcre’s comment, it can be seen that she has something to hold against PIC. Even though there may be similarities with these battles, it can be predicted that these invasions will be entirely different than one another.

The CP Army Media team was able to speak exclusively with one of the People’s Imperial Confederation’s leaders, Emma, to discuss her thoughts and plans on the upcoming invasions.

Please note that the following interview has seen minor edits to fix grammar. None of the content has been altered.

What are your thoughts on the Red Ravagers and Pizza Federation planning the upcoming invasions?

Well, my fellow leaders, troops, and I aren’t worried about the upcoming invasions. We plan on defending our army and our lands. It’s all for fun after all.

Do you happen to have a plan going into these invasions?

Our plan as of right now is to schedule a defense and prepare our troops.

How do you think these invasions will affect your army?

I think this will be great fun for our army, this is what Club Penguin Armies are all about! I believe that the invasions will strengthen the army if anything.

Emma seems to be confident that her army will be successful in these invasions, but with PIC’s two opponents averaging 5-10 more troops than them, this may be a tough battle for PIC.

What do YOU think about the upcoming invasions? Will PIC be successful in defending their land or will PZF and RR claim it? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter



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