Royals Shut Their Gates

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royals Army – Following their final event on Saturday, June 14th, the Royals of CP ceased operations and transformed into a hangout chat. Read on to find out more.

The Royals of CP opened more than a year ago during March 2019. It was opened by four people including Teaska — the most recent leader of the Kings — held their first-ever event and where they maxed 7. They increased in size over the months, soaring to sizes of 35 at one of their events and averaging 15-20.

The first Royals event

On the 13th of June, the Royals logged onto Club Penguin for their final event which was a Legends Cup X battle against Help Force maxing 19 and losing 3-0. The day before they shut down, they reached 11th in the Universal Top 20.

Final Royals battle

On June 15th, Teaska announced that due to the shutdown of CPA:TG, the Royals would shut down too.

Closing announcement by Teaska

What do YOU think about the shutdown of the Royals? Will more armies shut down with the close of CPA:TG? Let us know in the comments.


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

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