The Doritos Multi-logging Conundrum: Real or Framed?

Update: 32op has made a response on the Doritos website.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Investigation Office – After it was discovered 13 penguins were multi-logged for the Doritos at the Legends Cup X, the unique circumstances asks the question: are they guilty, or were they framed? 

Just over a week ago we saw two estranged members of the Os Mascarados attempt to frame their former army for multi-logging. This was done through the private messaging of Vice President Max on an ‘alt’ Discord account under the pretence of an ‘inside tip off’. Following the dramatic events of Saturday’s quarter final battle between the Doritos and Help Force, the exact same situation unfolded.

At approximately 4:26pm EST, before the battle had even concluded, CP Army Media Vice President Max received a direct message from ‘lilduke‘, with the following statement:

Hey, I am a member of the DCP HCOM and what I saw during today’s battle was just unacceptable, and I feel the need to bring it to your attention. I know during today’s battle against HF, members of the DCP HCOM were multilogging. I wish to remain anonymous as I do not agree with any of this type of behavior.

As ever, the CP Army Media team approached Superhero123, who then proceeded to investigate both the Doritos and Help Force. It was discovered that the Help Force were clean of multi-logs, but the Doritos had 3 people controlling a total of 13 penguins. The information is summed up as the following:
  • An unknown user controlled the accounts P12451, P12450, P12453, P12487, P12482 and P12485.
  • An unknown user controlled the accounts: Pingu676 (P12454), Troop11 (P12477), Masterman (P12484) and Jessica200 (P12481).
  • An unknown user controlled the accounts P12479 , P12459 and P12483.

Picture 1: Pre-battle

Picture 2: Docks battle room

Picture 3: Snow Forts battle room

What is unique and interesting about this case, is that none of these penguins could be linked to a Doritos leader or higher command, nor anyone else on the CP Armies: The Game database. It is therefore thought that a VPN was used to disguise their identity.

As shown in pictures 2 and 3, the penguins in question were also seen to be deliberately out-of-formation and ‘messing up’ tactics. This was witnessed in the video of the battle, and raised the possibility of someone attempting to frame them.

This possibility was heightened when, in further conversations with lilduke, it was stated only Badboy was to blame. However after Badboy stepped down from his position, lilduke provided screenshots of 32op asking for “more cpatg accounts to be made”. Surely this conflicts with the earlier statement that they were not sure if the other leaders were aware?

Please note: Discord messages can be easily edited through a feature known as “inspect element”. CPAM does not suggest that the Doritos are guilty of multi-logging. The following screenshot has been sent to us, and therefore we have included it.

In discussions with the Doritos leadership, they categorically denied the allegations and stated they have been set-up. Leader 32op has provided the following statement:

I’ve shared conversations with all of my amazing HCOM with CPAM and even offered up my account up for them to check, I have absolutely nothing to hide. No conversation has anything close to the lines of “make more cpatg accounts”. Also the account “Lilduke”, started dming CPAM staff about the multilogging accusations right when our sizes dropped drastically in the third room. It also makes no sense at all, I know that Super has the ability to check every penguins IP and I knew he would be checking every single army that was left in the Top 8, obviously If I was trying to multilog (which I will never), I would do it in a way that the Doritos wouldn’t be so caught easily. I take pride in leading this generation of the Doritos, as we’re the first generation since Wwes DCP in 2010-2012 to have nothing to do with multilogging. It’s really pathetic that people are obsessed with trying to make DCP fall.. I have done further investigation on the DCP website and have found out who was behind this act, what you’ll see is absolutely disgusting.

Important Note: There is no evidence to support 32op’s claim that Mustapha/Rodgahs were responsible for this. CP Army Media only knows that their main penguin IP address did not match that of the multi-logs.


To conclude, at present time, the evidence neither confirms nor denies the Doritos are guilty, or if they were framed. CP Army Media must react solely based on the evidence obtained. This case is a unique set of circumstances, in which none of the multi-logged penguins could be linked to the Doritos higher command or leadership. Because of this, the multi-logged penguins will be deducted from the event size when calculating this weeks Top Twenty armies. No further action can be taken at this time. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and provide any further updates.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President

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