Insight into SWAT’s Leadership Changes

MAMMOTH, Historic SWAT Capital – Many leadership changes took place in the past 3 days inside the Special Weapons and Tactics army AKA SWAT. This included the return of Sweater AKA Conor, and the instating of Teaska into the beloved leadership positions. They have helped SWAT since its entry into CPO, and now hope to help SWAT get back into the peak it reached in CPO.

SWAT event in May 2020

SWAT Event in June 2020

SWAT was always a legendary army, created by Ganger90 in 2009, and has risen to fame ever since. Its history was a little murky, but its leaders were always dedicated to SWAT and its troops, no matter what happened. Even when SWAT had merged into DCP, which was an overall stronger army, the leaders still brought SWAT back, under the hopes that it would make the troops happy. Armies would only wish for leaders like this, having SWAT’s back no matter the cost. Sweater is an example of this, coming back to SWAT mainly to help them get back to the maxes they once reached in CPO.


Teaska is a new leader in SWAT, previously leading the Royals of CP. However, Teaska always had a solid relationship with SWAT, coming to almost every SWAT event since SWAT entered CPO. Because of this, Conor invited Teaska to SWAT, to help the other leaders, in hopes that Teaska will make an excellent leader. Teaska is eager to prove this, and is just as proud as Conor to be leading SWAT. With their new positions, they are bound to be busy; luckily, I was able to catch interviews with both of them.


Interview with Sweater, SWAT leader


CPAL: What was the main reason for your return?

Sweater: I rejoined because I missed leading, and I missed my friends in SWAT. I also saw they were, well not struggling per se but they were only reaching around 20+ and I want to fix things; and get SWAT back to the way it was.

CPAL: Do you believe that with your leadership, SWAT will grow to the sizes it reached on CPO?

Sweater: I’m not sure. I know getting back to maybe 30-40 is possible with minimal effort; but I think if we go hard we could probably reach around the 50-60 mark again. We’ll see.

CPAL: Will the SWAT team work with the FBI for more invasions or not?

Sweater: No. I’m not about that help life; this size will be 200% SWAT.

CPAL: Will there be more leadership changes as of right now?

Sweater: We’ll just have to see.

CPAL: Thanks for your time! Anything else you want to share with your fans?

Sweater: My fans? I don’t have fans, but for the readers of the article I’d like to say EPIC DID NOTHING WRONG.


Interview with Teaska, former Royals and current SWAT leader


CPAL: How were you made leader of SWAT (through invitation from Conor or through bugging him)?

Teaska: Sweater asked me if I would join SWAT as a commander after Royals shut down

CPAL: Is SWAT an enjoyable army for you?

Teaska: Yeah for sure, I have been going to SWAT events ever since they entered CPO

CPAL: Do you think, that with the combined power of the SWAT leadership, that SWAT will reach the peak that it reached in CPO?

Teaska: Yeah definitely. I want to make SWAT like the army that it was before, Higher maxes and very strong

CPAL: Can you provide any strategies you and your team have taken for ideas of getting higher maxes, or is it confidential?

Teaska: We are going to need to recruit a lot. It is going to be tough in the current situation we are in regarding the club penguin community, but we will pull through

CPAL: Thanks for your time! Any last comments?

Teaska: Bleed Black


As seen by the above interviews, the leaders of SWAT are determined to keep the reputation of SWAT living on, with a successful generation, that could possibly max as much as it used to in CPO. One can only hope for this success, but with Teaska and Sweater, they are willing to do more than hope. They created an idea-Sweater, Teaska, Sophy Bee, and fast know this-called the Operation: Bleed Black. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people and leaders to see if they could become something more. It was to see if they could work together when we need them to, to make SWAT great once again.



What do YOU think? Do YOU think that SWAT will reach their maxes from CPO once more? Do YOU think that Sweater and Teaska are good leaders? Do YOU think that the Homie Zone will take over SWAT? Let us know YOUR opinions below!


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