Mythic Retires From Elites Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Elites of CP — In the midst of an eventful week, Mythic, Elites leader, has officially announced his retirement from the army.

Late last night, an announcement was posted on Elites’ official website. For those who don’t know, Mythic was one of the original leaders of Elites.  His departure will be a great loss for the Elites. 

Over the past month, Elites came back to CPA and quickly rose to be a major army. Under the leadership of Mythic, LuciferStar, and Simmonds,  the army quickly rose to the top and achieved incredible maxes. Maxing up to 45, while this may not compare to some other major armies, it is a large amount for any army to reach in such a short span of time.

Mythic’s announcement was a shock to the community as he was one of the main leaders and he helped them get to where they are today. While the leadership of Elites seemed to be running smoothly, Mythic’s announcement revealed that not all things were as they seemed. In Mythic’s retirement post, he revealed that he doesn’t even like leading. In fact, he even went on to say that leading turns him toxic.
The post was posted in the announcements of Elites’ server on the 14th June 2020. Here’s what he said:

In complete honesty this decision has been a long time coming. I’ve never really liked leading, too much drama, and stress. Leading also turns me kinda toxic if I’m being honest, which is not good for any person in any position. I make rash decisions, ignore real life, and spend way too much shit talking to others (even to their faces :huehue:) lol.

We approached Mythic and asked him a few questions about his retirement. Here’s what he had to say.

So, you stated in your retirement post that you didn’t like leading? What made you retire now instead of earlier in the month?

That’s a great question. Yeah I don’t like leading, but leading brings about a sort of excitement, especially when you see your army do as well as elites have done in the short amount of time they’ve been operating. That and also the responsibility you take up when u start leading. It makes you want to stay, and keep watching over what you’ve made.

You said that you become toxic when leading, could you elaborate on this? How did this affect your leadership and those around you?

Ahh. By toxic I meant like to myself, not to other people. I start focusing too much on CPA and not enough on IRL, I mess up my sleep schedule, I ignore my irl duties and stuff like that, it’s mostly to make 100% sure that everything runs smoothly. I guess to a lesser extent other to people too because yeah, I shit talk the hard work of less successful leaders sometimes to their faces lol. Also no hard feelings to anyone reading this, I completely respect your grind, keep at it!

How do you think Elites will proceed without you leading with LuciferStar and Simmonds?

Luci and Simmonds had a handle on things even when I was there, I was just a support system if they ever needed it. so they’ll be perfectly fine without me because they barely needed me even when I was there lol. Plus Firestar is there and he knows what he’s doing, he has tons of experience. Elites will be better than fine without me.

Do you have any plans for the future in CPA?

Yeah of course! I’ll still be around as a judge, and I’ll also be around advising Elites, SWAT, Crimson Guardians, and who knows what other armies lol.

Do you have any other comments or statements?

Superior to all; Inferior to none. Thank you Elites for giving me the opportunity to lead!

Despite Mythic retiring, he seems to have high hopes for the future of Elites and claimed that the other leaders already have a stronghold of the army. While Mythic may be retiring from Elites, he won’t be disappearing from the community.

To get an inside view of what effect Mythic’s retirement has had and what Elites will do without Mythic, we asked LuciferStar for a statement on the situation.

Well, Mythic’s retirement was actually quite overdue tbh, I could see the toll CPA was taking on him and I knew he was going to retire for a while now. So it’s not really something that’s surprised to the extent that it might hurt our growth. We’ve been preparing for it, and we’ve also got an amazing new leader, Firestar08. So along with him, Simmonds and our amazing High Command, I’m sure the sky is the limit for us!

Thus begins a new chapter in the history of Elites, with Firestar as a new leader great things are expected from him and from Elites. There may be major changes but keep watching to find out what will happen next with Elites.


Mythic has officially retired from Elites and Firestar has stepped up to the plate and has become a leader. Will Elites reach new heights or will they fall short without Mythic by their side?

What do YOU think? Let us know by commenting below!


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