Battle for Skates: Help Force vs. Doritos of CP

SKATES, Help Force Empire – Yesterday, the Doritos of CP logged onto the server Sleet to invade the server Skates, but Help Force made a last minute appearance to defend their nation. Who came out victorious?

With the recent shutdown of CP Armies: The Game, many armies are no longer able to access their nations as they were housed on that CPPS. Due to this, the battle for Skates was held on the CP Rewritten server Sleet which acted as a proxy server. Initially, Help Force didn’t intend to show up for this as they had other events planned at the time and considered practising for their upcoming Legends Cup X event a priority. However, in an attempt to catch the Doritos of CP off guard, they logged on to defend their territory. HF maxed 44 troops for this event whereas DCP outnumbered by maxing 60.

[Casa Fiesta]

In the first room, DCP used their troops and formed a plus formation which would take up the majority of space in the centre of the room. HF formed into a L to surround half of the plus, and subsequently half of the DCP troops. However due to fast tactics and quick formations, it was decided DCP won the room.

Casa Fiesta Battle

[Snow Forts]

Doritos of CP formed an “X” boasting word tactics while being surrounded by HF with their circle formation. Help Force then did their best to form an “X” formation in an attempt to cover any tactics made by the Doritos. DCP repeated the same plus formation seen in the previous room covering some HF troops while they themselves were also being covered. Both armies demonstrated prominent tactics and strong formations. It was decided that it would be a tie.

Snow Forts Showdown


For the final room, Doritos of CP continued the trend and made their first formation a plus while Help Force made a circle formation around the Doritos surrounding them with E9’s while the DCP hit back with Heart emotes. While their was a change of formation Help Force hit the Doritos with a waterfall formation before DCP all gathered in the top right corner sporting more E9 emotes while HF reformed themselves into a V. As both armies once again demonstrated quick tactics and strong formations, it was decided this room would also be a tie.

Cove Clash

The battle was both called and judged in the CP Army Media discord server. This was the verdict:

Despite the great amount of effort put in by both armies and the draw between HF and DCP in two rooms, the Doritos won the first making it a 1-0 victory and an overall victory for the Doritos of CP.

Do you agree with the judges decision? Was it a hard earned victory or should it have been an overall draw?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter


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  1. Def should’ve been a draw


  2. Based


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