Buddy Reinstated as Water Vikings Leader Following Scandal

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Water Vikings leader Buddy was removed from his position just days ago, yet has already been reinstated following the army’s Legends Cup battle.

Buddy had his leader position removed this week after being caught multi-logging between 2 and 3 penguins at numerous events (click here to read). He confessed to multi-logging in a meeting with CP Army Media higherups, and was removed by fellow leader Pjayo. This action allowed the Water Vikings to advance into the quarter finals of the Legends Cup X. 

Proof of multi-logging during a battle with Crimson Guardians

Following their loss to the Dark Warriors, the Water Vikings leadership reinstated Buddy. The announcement of his return has been met with a positive reaction, and a recent event saw them peak at a fantastic size of 30 penguins. CP Army Media spoke to the man himself about the situation.

How did you feel once your leader role got taken away for multi-logging and did you feel as if you deserved it?

I was certainly a little surprised, but I understood the reaction completely. Leading this generation made it my 6th time leading the Water Vikings so I started to feel sort of untouchable in the army, however I certainly didn’t expect them to let me continue leading during the Legends Cup. I’ve been re-instated since though so I’m glad I’ve been given another chance.

Do you feel like you have to gain back the trust of the rest of the staff team?

I’d hope that lost of them still trust me even though I made a big mistake, considering I’ve known some of them for a really long time.

As much as you acknowledge your mistake and apologize for it, there are people who see those in positions of power and try to follow in their footsteps, do you have anything to say to those who would see you that you’re reinstated and think of multi-logging?

Don’t do it! It’s not worth it, and it’s an unfair advantage to give your army. I had a lapse of judgement and made a mistake.

Do you have any new strategies for leading the army that could only come from experiencing the consequences of your actions? Or do you plan to lead the same as you always have?

I’ve always had the same approach to leading, and I don’t see myself changing my style as I feel like I’ve learned from some of the best leaders back when I would look up to some of them as mentors, such as Revan, Dash, Kingfunks4…etc. I gained most of my leadership experience when I led alongside those guys back in 2014-2015 and I learnt everything from them.

We also spoke to Water Viking leaders Pjayo and Kingfunks4, about why they decided to give Buddy a leadership position again:

Pjayo, Water Vikings Leader

Well I talked with Buddy, and after making sure he wouldn’t multilog again, I took into consideration what an asset he was to the leadership. Fact is he is probably one of the best leaders right now, even with the scandal. So I returned his position.

Kingfunks4, Water Vikings Leader

Buddy has been an important figure for the army and it was regretful the actions that he decided to take in several events. However, he owned up to these mistakes on his own accord and this regained a lot of respect from people within the army. He has promised he will never multi-log ever again, and I trust him on this promise. Water Vikings continue to stand for what is right and is totally against multi-logging.

There is no doubt Buddy is seen in the Water Vikings community as a significant figure and well-loved leader. But will his return help or hinder the army’s growth?

What do YOU think of Buddy’s reinstatement? Let us know in the comment section!

Bean Pea

CP Army Media Reporter


CP Army Media Vice President


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