[REPORTER APPLICATIONS OPEN!] Why should one apply to be a reporter?

SLUSHY, Lucifer’s Office- With each passing day, we at CP Army League witness the creation of new armies, the death of older armies, the passing of the torch to new leaders, and that’s just to name a few events. With wars and small skirmishes just lurking in the corner, the one’s who are responsible to ensure that the community is notified of these all these happenings right from the get-go is your reporting staff. But what is reporting, and why should you be a part of the staff?

What is reporting?

Essentially, a report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper, and needs to be clear and well-structured.

Reporting should be an impersonal job. A reporter should essentially be a story teller. They should tell the story in an objective and truthful manner, without lacing it with any personal opinions or comments. They should be fair and impartial in presenting the story.

Some argue that to achieve complete objectivity is not possible. Complete objectivity is a mere concept. Their argument is that the reporter is a human being and he has certain ideas, feelings, attitudes, opinions and prejudices and that will definitely reflected in the news story. A good reporter however should try to rise above all of them and tell the facts as he has collected them in his search for truth.

Why should you join the reporting team at CPAL?

Now that’s an interesting question, because if I’m being completely honest with you, then there is no solid reason for you to join the reporting team. Are you getting paid to do this? No. Does reporting for a fan made News Agency over a penguin game boost your resume? Probably not the best thing you’d want on your resume, unless you’d like to pursue a career in journalism, then sure it provides a booster of sorts. But are you able to spend your time more productively when you’re a part of our reporting team? Definitely. We’re all so focused on materialistic pleasures and we’re all so addicted to instant gratification, that sometimes we forget the intangible value that we gain from even the silliest of practices. I think we as a society have come to accept a pouch of gold today over a mountain of gold tomorrow.

When you join us as a reporter, you not only get an opportunity to stand out in the community, you also get to leave a mark behind in history. Your one report in our website will be remembered by several future generations as they will continue to be stored in the websites archives. A few years down the line, you might even come across this website only to see the reports that you made when you were of a young age and you have inspired those new generation CP players to make their own reports. And that’s just me listing out the tangibles. We’re really missing out on the intangibles here, when you open your laptop to make a report that everyone in the community will read, you yourself will ensure that it’s of the best quality because we all know how quick the community might be to judge your report. So when you push yourself to make sure the report is the best that you can do, you practice, you grind it out on that desk for hours with applications like grammarly and what not. You’ll have your dictionary at the ready and you’ll ask your seniors if a particular sentence sounds right, and what does that make you? It doesn’t just make you a better reporter, it makes you someone who’s polished their command over the language. It makes you more confident when you communicate, because you’ve now expanded your vocabulary and your command over sentence structuring. And I think that’s beautiful, you improve yourself over a game you love.

“Oh no, I’ve never made reports, I might not be good at it”

Now this is a phrase I’ve heard quite often over the past few weeks, and if I’m being entirely honest, then that was me too. When I joined the reporting staff, late March, I never thought I’d make the cut. The only thing that even came close to report writing in my life was the essays I made in school. But if there’s anything that my experience as a reporter has taught me in my time here, then its that:

Reporting isn’t a skill you’re born with. It’s actually a skill that you acquire over a period of time.

We at CP Army League have an experienced Reporting Team that will ensure that all of you will be taught well, and we will ensure that we bring out the best reporter in you. Sure, it’ll be a combined effort, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing you have to lose. You might think that you’re not cut out for reporting, but the reality is, all those people who you think are cut out for reporting, are the one’s who’ve put an effort to improve on their skills, and if you do the same, then the sky is the limit for you too.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve collected the responses of some of our reporters about their experiences as part of the reporting team.

Zamb, CP Army League Editor:

Joining the CP Army League’s Reporting team is an experience like no other. In general, CPA Reporting has taught me skills that not only improve my perception of armies, but also my my literary skills. Reporting gives you an upper status in CPA as many armies, along with their leaders, show a great amount of respect towards reporters. Also, reporters are able to learn the “behind-the-scenes” at not only CPAL and armies, but as a community altogether. You’ll acquire the skillset to successfully discern injustices, and reporting gives you the means to exposure it and promote a most just environment. You’re not only improving your own writing skills and seeing the community different, but you’re also gaining the respect of leaders and the troops of major and small/medium armies. Even if you can’t write, it’s worth a try!

Sweater, CP Army League Editor:

Its been a great experience, I love who I’m working with and I love writing about stuff that actually interests me. It’s been really fun so far, everybody in the staff has been nice and we’re all really helping each other improve and I think that’s the best part about it.

Mehakk, CP Army League Editor:

Well I really enjoy being a reporter bc you get to know all the latest news ASAP, and you get to talk to lots of members in the cpal community through interviews which is always fun. You also get to choose which reports u want to write since there’s always a variety of topics to choose from and it doesn’t always have to be a news report, you also get to write editorials, satires and other types of reports. I think reporting is beneficial because it’s a fun way to improve your writing and become better known in the cpal community.

Well you’ve seen what they had to say. And if I were to speak from personal experience, then I’d say its been a great journey. Throughout my time here, I’ve worked with some really smart people, who’re truly responsible for where I am today. I started off as just a reporter like all of you here. I was about as “new gen” as “new gen” could get, and yet here I stand before you as the CEO of CP Army League, a living testament that anyone can make it. In this vast ocean of people in our community, there exists another CEO who will continue the legacy that we’ve all worked so hard to create. Who knows, maybe its you. Yes you, the one who’s reading this right now.


If you’d like to apply to become a reporter, then message LuciferStar or Mehakk with your sample reports and an answer to the question: Why you should be selected as a reporter!? 


CP Army League Chief Executive Officer
CP Army League Board of Directors




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