The Ulster Defence Association Joins the Community

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – As the Club Penguin Army League continues to strive, we witness a new army register into the league. Just a little while earlier, an army by the name of the Ulster Defence Association made its entrance into the community and became official. Although the creation of the army isn’t for dominating the Top Ten, rather to fight a enemy army that the UDA despises.  What goals for their enemies you may ask? Continue reading to find out the fun whereabouts of this army and their plans for their enemies!

To provide some context on these two armies, both of them are inspired by real life historical events that occured in the past, especially events regarding the Irish War of Independence that took place from 1919 to 1921. It was a guerrilla conflict fought between the IRA and British forces. Violence, bloodshed and fires were involved. If you’d like to read more of the backstory behind this infamous war, feel free to check out the Irish History websites.

Created recently and accepted into the army league on the same day, this army has the motive to do one thing and one thing only. Specifically, getting rid of the IRA of CP out of the army community. Representing the British, they want to serve their purpose to protect the prods.

After hearing word of the Irish Republican Army running around the community, leader Eden decided to take action and create the Ulster Defence Association. Eden will be leading alongside another fellow community member, Anonting, CPAC CEO. They’ve also managed to gather troops who are not so fond of people associated with the Irish. This group of people are dedicated, talented troops that are ready to unleash hell on the Irish.

Moments later after becoming official in the league, an announcement was posted mentioned that the UDA will be declaring war on the IRA. Eden was quick to call the shots and prepare for chaos.

UDA Leader Eden, announcing war on their discord server – June 2020

Despite having no debut event to commemorate their arrival to the league, the army has already set their eyes to capture the Irish’s land. They wasted no time in setting invasions to wipe out the Irish Republican Army with no hesitation.

UDA Leader Eden, scheduling an invasion on the IRA – June 2020

After hearing this sudden declaration of war and invasions, I asked to sit down with leader Eden to hear his thoughts on this upcoming war. Let’s hear what he had to say regarding the situation.

Interview with Eden, Ulster Defence Association Leader

CPAL: Why did you decide to create the Ulster Defence Association army?

Eden: I saw that somebody had made the Irish Republican Army and when I expressed my opinion in their server, I was banned. I was not having it! So, I decided to make the Ulster Defence Association army to rid CPA of this treacherous group.

CPAL: We’ve noticed you decided to declare war on the Irish Republican Army so sudden, why is that?

Eden: Well as I’ve said. I was not having any of it. I immediately declared war on them and they scheduled an invasion to our dear dear County Fermanagh. So, I decided to retaliate by scheduling an invasion on their beloved Londonderry.

CPAL: Do you think the UDA will be successful in winning the war against the IRA?

Eden: I do hope so. I’ve dispatched the freedom fighters to come up with the best strategies to win this war. They will fall.

CPAL: How do your troops feel about the sudden move of going into war?

Eden: They’re dealing with it well. Despite one member of our inner council, Anonting. Who has already defected to the IRA.

CPAL: Is there a chance the UDA and the IRA will become neutral one day?

Eden: The chances of that happening will be the same as uniting Ireland. So no.

CPAL: Do you have any final comments you’d like to share?

Eden: Never surrender!

This surely seems like an exciting time for the UDA. Eden has expressed confidently that they have no space for losing and will not back down for whatever comes their way. It’s clear that the UDA wants to represent the British well and seek revenge for Eden, who may have been banned wrongfully by the Irish. It looks like the UDA will not stop until they witness the IRA fall down to pieces. CPAL is extremely interested to see which army will deem victorious.



What do YOU think about the rise of the UDA army? What do YOU think about the sudden declaration of war? Will the army make a change in history and finally tear down the IRA? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!


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  1. oh lord these people do we wilding doe- || Great Article Rah! I love your work! ❤


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