Mare returns to ODA Leadership

Somewhere in the ODA Nation – After a short break of around a fortnight, Mare has returned to her position as Leader of the One Direction Army, following an announcement on 18th June.

One Direction Army was created by current leader Aubz, and Mare has been leading the army since the beginning. However, in an emotional announcement on July 2nd, 2020, she announced that she will be temporarily stepping down. The primary reason given was it was “due to a lot of stress in my life”. A week after her departure, it was announced that Myth would be leading the army along with Astro and Aubz. Later, another leader known as Nelly was appointed later.

The retirement announcement of Mare

The retirement announcement of Mare.

In an update right before a new staff team was revealed, Astro announced Mare’s return to her leadership, warmly welcoming her back to the army and to a now power-packed leadership. Mare is well known in the ODA community for not only her sweet and gentle disposition and quick readiness to help anyone, but also her superior skill in leading the army.

Return of Mare Announcement

The announcement regarding Mare’s return.


“I’m happy for mares return to the leadership in ODA, we have been hoping her to comeback ever since her break or what she would call ‘retirement island’. she was there since the beginning and one of the main leader besides Aubz and Astro who shaped ODA into as it is today. Her presence in ODA has been nothing but great. i believe her return will bring amazing things to ODA like she did before. As i am a newly inducted leader, i hope she she’ll show me the ropes of becoming a great leader like she is! ODA ON TOP!”

-Nelly, Leader, One Direction Army.

With a new phase beginning for the army community, this combination of old, as well as new HCOM may prove to be a huge aid to this musically inspired army. To get into the behind-the-scenes decisions leading to her return, here’s an interview with Mare herself.

Interview with Mare, newly appointed leader of One Direction Army:

CPAL: How does it feel to return to the leadership after taking a break for over 15 days now?

It feels great coming back I’m excited to work with our new leaders Nelly and Myth as well as coming back to Aubz and Astro!

CPAL: Sounds great. So in your retirement announcement, you mentioned the primary reason for your retirement as “stress problems”, would you like to elaborate?

At the time I took a break, I was dealing with a passing of a family member, was working a full time job, and trying to focus on college. I had to leave to just get back to a happy/relaxed state of mind! Which I definitely am now and I wanted to make sure that when I came back to ODA I would be the best I can be for the team!

CPAL: You have my deepest condolences about the loss, that must have been tough.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

CPAL: Was there any particular issue in the army owing to which you had to reclaim your position as a leader?

Not at all the oda leaders were excited and very welcoming

CPAL: Were you actively helping ODA even during the retirement?

I kind of was helping in the background, but left most things to the leaders

CPAL: What will be your goal for your army now that you have returned as the leader?

my goal is to have fun, meet new people, and be oda’s hype gorl

CPAL: With the possibility of a server map reset quite high, will ODA be planning to take possession of new servers through invasions for themselves?

ODA will be planning on gaining a new server

CPAL: Any message for the ODA members as well as the army community members reading this?

I would like to thank ODA leaders for always creating such a friendly environment for ODA. As well as the ODA members they are truly the nicest people. I’m so thankful to be in an army with a friendly community.

CPAL: Thank you for your time.

Thank you so much.


It can certainly be said that this will  be a very intriguing new start for ODA, and with the newfound ambitions among the leaders, this army is all set to go gung-ho in the near future, while not forgetting that the main aim of their army is to have fun as well.


What do you think? Will Mare, teamed up with her colleagues, propel ODA to new heights? Or will their dream of a server they can call their own stay in Dreamland? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. yayy good job scorpion


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