CPAM Special Report: The Multi-logging Mystery of the LC Quarter Finals

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Investigation Office — After the CPAM administration conducted an extensive inquiry regarding the Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors, several odd anomalies were discovered.

The Legends Cup X quarter-finals were arguably the most controversial stage of the ongoing tournament. The Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors faced off on the second day of the Quarter Finals. This battle proved to be an extremely close conflict that went into overtime. While the Army of CP won room two, the Ice Warriors won rooms three and four. A tie was announced for room one, resulting in a 2-1-1 victory for the Ice Warriors.

As always, the CP Army Media team approached Superhero123, who proceeded to investigate both armies for multi-logging activity. Superhero, alongside the administration, have been carrying out an extensive analysis this past week, taking into account battle pictures, videos, and other resources.

Important Note: CP Army Media is NOT accusing the Army of CP or Ice Warriors of multi-logging. In the interest of complete transparency, we present all the facts that we collected during the investigation.

Army of Club Penguin

Superhero discovered that some penguins were logged on for the Legends Cup Quarter Final with matching IP addresses. Please note Superhero is the only person who has access to CP Armies: The Game’s database.

  • xCSY and S******z shared the same login IP  address. (The name of the penguin account matching CSY’s IP address has been censored for personal reasons.)
  • The penguins Blox2, Sketch(P12440), and Sketch. (P12526) shared the same login IP address.

None of the penguins stated in the second bullet could be linked to an ACP leader or higher command. It is, however, possible that a VPN was used to disguise their identity.

Picture evidence for CSY was found, but won’t be shown due to personal reasons. No picture evidence could be found for Blox2 and the two alt penguin accounts.

CP Army Media approached CSY (ACP Leader) and Mchappy (ACP’s Guardian) for a statement regarding this situation:

In regards to the other peng under the same IP, it was actually my girlfriend. She missed building igloos on OG club penguin and I introduced CPATG to her as it was the only CPPS I knew that had an item adder. She used it to design igloos and outfits and stuff. If super checks the IP history, such as the creation IP or the IP of other logins, I’m confident it will come out different from mine. She has attended battles previously but we were living apart. We recently moved in together, and I asked her to attend the event with me, which is why our IPs matched up. Further IP checking will also show we had different IPs until recently, when we moved in together. There’s probably records of her on CPATG, online without me/an ACP event going on; she has a fully curated igloo – in addition, I had my hands full leading the battle – there was little to no way I could have done everything all at once.

In regards to Blox2, we have no idea who it is. No one in our discord server matches up with that name, so we’re not sure who it is, but if something pops up we’ll make sure to deal with it as soon as possible.

Upon further investigation, we found that xCsy and S*******z used different IPs until this specific battle. Thus, we believe that ACP multi-logging did not take place. The penguin, “Blox2,” whose identity remains unknown will be deducted from Top Twenty sizes.

Ice Warriors

Similar to the Army of Club Penguin, we found matching IP addresses for multiple penguins logged in for Ice Warriors.

  • An unknown user controlled the accounts P12515, P12522, P12546, P12550, P12613, and P12614.
  • An unknown user controlled the accounts P12616, P10569, and P12636.
  • Katerina & P12617 had the same login IP.
  • Agent11 & Tendolla had the same login IP.
  • Madhav & P11471 had the same login IP during a previous Legends Cup battle, against the Animal Kingdom.

CP Army Media conducted further analysis to find the above penguins. The most interesting fact about this case is that we were unable to find any kind of evidence in pictures or battle videos regarding any of these penguin accounts except for P12614 in the room IW used pre-battle. Picture evidence of Madhav and P11771 was also discovered from June 7th.

Legends Cup battle vs. AK (Madhav and 11471)

P12614 in the IW warm-up room against ACP.

CP Army Media approached the Ice Warriors leaders about the situation:

There’s no trace of any of those P37373 pengs to leaders or hcom, so unless there’s proof of their ips tracing to any of us, there’s not much we can say about that one. We don’t support the multilogging in any way, and we would ban whoever did that ASAP. We’re gonna talk to Katerina about her multilogging association. If she admits she intentionally multilogged despite knowing the rules about multilogging, she’s gone from IW. For myself (Agent 11), you said it yourselves, there’s 0 evidence of Tendolla being at the event in any way. It wasn’t even online at pre-battle or mid battle.
Madhav told me about how like he was gonna get his lil brother to log on for him or some shit

Considering the response from the Ice Warriors, and the fact that there is no supporting evidence pointing towards leader or higher command involvement in multi-logging, the Ice Warriors will continue in the Legends Cup and battle the Rebel Penguin Federation tomorrow.

We also approached Superhero123 and collected his statement on the situation:

As part of the normal Legends Cup anti-multilogging checkups, I looked into the database’s login logs to figure out if there were multiple accounts during that battle that logged in from the same IP address. The investigation returned the following findings:

FROM ACP: – XCSY AND S*****Z shared the same IP address. – Blox2, Sketch(P12440) and Sketch. (P12526) shared the same IP address.

FROM IW: – P12515 P12522 P12546 P12550 P12613 P12614 – P12616 P10569 P12636 – Katerina and P12617 – Agent11 and Tendolla – Peekee and P12700 – Madhav and P11471

I was and still am the only one with access to the logged IP addresses that resulted on those findings.


To conclude, the lack of evidence and statements received mean CP Army Media cannot declare multi-logging occurred. The alleged accounts linked to the Army of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors will not be considered for their Top Twenty sizes; however, we do not have evidence that requires disqualification or any other extreme measure.

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