[Editorial] Meme Armies and their Integrity

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.


SLUSHY, Cookie Monster’s office – Many new armies have popped up recently, some being real armies, that want to work hard and progress in terms of land, while others are “meme” armies, which are not entirely focused on land. These armies seem more interested in spreading a movement or a joke or are just created as a fun thing to do. I, as a creator and leader of a “meme” army that never became official, found that recruiting for them was more laborious and that they could spread a joke. Still, the base principle of the army was not to take the land, which made running the army itself more difficult. If meme armies don’t want land, what do they want? Well, I looked into it and found some surprising answers. Continue reading for more!

A memorable meme army

The Ice Doritos uniform

One of the more famous armies in CPAL that was created as a joke was the Ice Doritos of CP. This was created by Da Best, who was a 6ic in IW at the time and Caesar from DCP. The army failed horribly, but their essential goal was to make a joke out of the rocky relationships between the Ice Warriors and the Doritos at that time. I wasn’t in the community at that time, but after reading Regan’s post here, along with talking to some other people in the discord, I found out that this army was still very popular, even though Da Best was fired at that time. From this, I gather that the people of CPAL like meme armies, whether they admit it or not. Without it, we don’t have any fun in armies. It would mainly be drama, real battles, and a community full of arguments, without any funny armies to lift our spirits. I asked a few people who made “meme” armies, what their opinions on this topic are:

Honestly, I don’t think they’re really harmful, most of the time they’re made out of boredom by people in major armies. It helps make the community more fun and lighthearted. Of course they can be annoying and unnecesarry- but there’s really not a problem with messing around a bit
– ot_ter, Former Leader of Alberto Warriors
well it did make people laugh and have fun but sometimes it was annoying when people think that i was a joke and made fun of me
– Da Best, Former Leader of Janitors, Ice Doritos, and is Da Best, nominee for S/M legend
I wouldn’t call it a fraudulent invasion; it was a fun event. Armies need fun events from time to time to keep troops entertained as some take it far too seriously.
– Bex, Trusted Staff at Ice Warriors, Leader of Alberto Warriors.

To me, meme armies ruin the competitiveness of the league and also bring to light many of the loopholes within the game; some of which just make the game incredibly unfair and not fun to play. When say, the leaders of the Dark Warriors create another army for a meme – they now run 2 official armies within the league and can schedule one invasion per day on both armies; invading twice per day. Nothing is stopping any army from doing this. I, myself, intend to fully abuse this whenever possible as it’s not illegal and I have had it done to me and it’s annoying. Being spam invaded and then only being able to invade once per day is dumb; it means you literally cannot win the war especially with no allies. It makes 1v1’s impossible.

– Sweater, AKA Conor, Leader of SWAT, Former Leader of Unban Conor From Homie Zone, Leader of CPAVOBLIAMELBBVR, S/M legend nominee


I wholeheartedly think that meme armies are useful, as they bring some joy into the community. However, with their invasions of things other than on the server map, it may not always make others, who take CPAL seriously, happy. We don’t need to please everyone, true, but I say that meme armies should do events regularly, but to not invade, unless they want actual land. I end this comment with a reminder to all armies that Club Penguin is a game. It may not seem like one with armies, but it is. We need to treat it as a game and just have fun sometimes.

– Pranav, Cookie Monster, me, Former Leader of Janitors, PDF, Sun Warriors, Creator of unofficial Donald Trumpguin Army, Staff at Ice Warriors, noob, S/M legend nominee

Some of the above feel that meme armies are good, mainly because of the reason behind the creation. For example, otter and Bex helped in the Alberto Warriors, because of how much they believed in Alberto and the ideal. Therefore, they thought that the idea of the army itself is beneficial and that these fun events can’t hurt the integrity, as long as they didn’t put it into judge request and make it seem like a real invasion. On the other side, we have Sweater, who created armies that had a one-time goal. Based on my thorough research and my meditation, I deduced that these armies with one-time goals can have events, but as they are essentially useless after the movement is successful, they can be used for invading with multiple armies. They can also be used to schedule invasions on fake servers, such as Buddy’s mind or Agent 11’s heart. However, these events are also fun, as we can make the army fun and unrelated to training all the time. I believe that with a few restrictions on the invasion schedule, as well as love for the meme army community, we can make sure that the CPAL community has both a fun time as well as the integrity of the CPAL invasion schedule.

To conclude this post, I give all of you a challenge. Think of an army that you would create for fun. Now try seeing how many people actually like it. From what I’ve seen, the ones that relate the most to a specific person or people that are popular bring the most attention. Try to have an event with your friends and the people that also support the army. If it works out, then you have a startup army! If it doesn’t, then you still have a server with a community of people who believe that your army is either funny or for a good cause. Thanks to all army creators out there for keeping armies fun, yet still keeping an aura of seriousness.


What do YOU think? Do YOU think that meme armies are beneficial? Do YOU think that meme armies are harmful? Do YOU believe that meme armies, once dead, should ever be revived again? Let us know YOUR comments below!

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