Faith Rises up to Marines Leader

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – A little while earlier, one of the most infamous armies in CPA history has promoted Marine troop Faith, to General. Following this exciting news, let’s take a more in depth look into it. Continue reading to view more details regarding the thrilling promotion and history.

To start off, the Marines are one of the most authentic armies in CPA history. The army made its arrival to the community back in November 2006 by creator and CP Army Legend, Sf1998. Beginning as the fifth army to be created in CPA, they managed to maintain a considerable reputation of having the largest empire back in 2006 alongside other armies such as the Army of CP or the Romans. The Marines are known for helping the Army of CP during World War II, and assisted in demolishing the Romans. The army wouldn’t have been credited as influential if weren’t for Sf1998, as he helped inspire people such as Pringle64, Tom Wolf and others to become huge legends. If you’d like to read more about the history and events about this mysterious army, feel free to check out the Marines and CPAC websites.

First era of the Marines – 2006

The Marines are also infamously known for going back and forth with attempts of maintaining stable generations up until April 2020. During the 2020 CPO era, the army maxed consistent numbers and made their way to success pretty fast until Marines Legend, Buddy decided to shut it down. After many protests and voices heard in the CPA community, the army made its way back to revival by fellow individuals.

Marines invading the Templars – June 2020

As of now, the Marines are excited to welcome in a new leader to the army, Faith. She will be leading alongside Marines Legend, Revan, who’s known to have contributed to the Marines success in previous generations.

After hearing the exciting news, I asked to sit down with Faith and hear her thoughts on this promotion. Let’s listen in to see what she had to say regarding the situation.

Interview with Faith, Marines Leader

CPAL: What made you select the Marines as your main army?

Well I was in the marines back in March and then in April they shut down and then I moved to AK but when I heard the Marines were back in business I went back.

CPAL: Do you think the Marines will be successful under your leadership?

Yes and along side with Revan he was the only leader for like a month then I was available to help him lead.

CPAL: How do your troops feel about your promotion to leader?

They were so happy for me because some people from the last generation came back and knew me and I was 2ic back in the old generation and I was very active before school went crazy on me so they were very happy for me.

CPAL: Do you have any specific plans for the army?

Umm not right at the moment because I became leader just a few hours ago but while I lead more and more I will have some ideas in mind.

CPAL: Any final comments you’d like to share?

Nope that will be all.


This surely seems like a exciting time for the Marines. Faith has expressed that she’s glad to be back to be in the Marines and lead the army alongside Revan. She mentioned how she’ll help out in any way possible now that she’s available to provide a fun time for the troops. There seems to be no plans at the moment but CPAL is interested to see what the army has to offer now that Faith is a leader and will have ideas to come eventually.


What do YOU think about the new leader of the Marines? Will the army conquer to the top? Should the community fear the army with a new leader in charge? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!




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