Confederation War Concludes With The Frostbite Agreement

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Recently, the large conflict that occurred between numerous S/M armies, has finally come to an end.

After a series of battles in The Confederation War, (a timeline that can be found here), all armies that clashed in the war came to an agreement known as The Frostbite Agreement. These armies include Crimson Guardians, MarinesWater VikingsRed RavagersLos FacherosTemplarsPeople’s Imperial Confederation, Water Troops, Mangoes of CP, Golden Troops, and The Pizza Federation. The agreement stated that Templars shall transfer White house to WV, Beanie to PIC in return for Toboggan, a two-month ceasefire between the Templars and Marines, PIC, CG, GT, WT, and PZF. All hostilities between Templars, RR, Mangoes, and Water Vikings, Marines, PIC, Water Troops come to an end.

Frostbite Agreement 

The following day, a second Frostbite agreement was posted. This announced PIC, WV, and Marines receiving additional land. In addition to the changes in land, a three-month truce was declared upon all parties.

Second Frostbite Agreement.

The CP Army Media Team spoke exclusively with many leaders involved in this war, hearing their thoughts on the Frostbite agreement.

Interview with one of Templars’ leaders, Freedomist:


What are your views on the Frostbite Agreement?

I don’t think any of the armies want to be at war so I’m glad we managed to reach an agreement to avoid further war

Do you feel there is anything Templars could’ve done better in handling this war?

I believe that for the most part we handled everything fine, the fact that we went to war in the first place and lost servers isn’t exactly favourable so we could’ve recruited more to get a larger max to not lose so many servers.


Interview with Red Ravagers leader Honda:

What are your views on the Frostbite Agreement?

I think it was a fair agreement and that Pjayo did a great job negotiating. It stops armies from getting into conflicts with armies that could either be larger or smaller

As RR is new, do you feel the army performed well? Anything you could have done better?

I feel Maxine and I took the situation well and that our army did a great job, we hit number 3 in s/m armies top 10 our first week and got number 2 this week. so we can only go up from here as we are expanding our horizons to fit our armies needs.


Interview with Water Vikings leader Pjayo:

What are your thoughts on The Confederation War?

Ended as a complete success, with multiple armies taking what they wanted.

Do you feel there were any issues faced during this war?

Despite “””warming””” relations between Templars and WV, a clear problem that I’m not afraid of admitting was the Templars attempting to weasel out of fighting all of WV, whether that’s through having colonies invade us at the same time, absurd terms for battle, or temporarily transferring their servers to RPF. However, in terms of WV, a problem we’re increasingly facing is, due to everything opening up, less attendance, especially in my own case, where I can rarely lead anymore.

Do you feel the performance of WV during the war could’ve been improved? If so, how?

Yeah, we can definitely improve. Our troops seemed a little slow to log on, if they logged on at all. From this point on, making sure that our full force is logging on is needed. However our tactics and formations have improved vastly from our battle against DW.


From the never-ending addition to rules to the constant scheduling and cancellation of invasions, this most certainly was a confusing war at times. Regardless of this short-lived war, this may not be the end. While it seems that the armies have come to a truce, there still is lingering tension between some of the leaders.


What do YOU think? Will this be the last we hear of this war? Or is there more to come? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


CP Army Media Associate Producer


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