LFA Returns After Failed Merge with RFCP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Los Facheros Army – A shocking announcement was made announcing a merge of another army. But as tensions rose, the merge did not last as long as expected.

On June 23rd, 2020, a sudden post had announced an alleged merge of the Los Facheros Army with the Recon Federation of CP. LF is another one of our alternate language-speaking armies with their users mainly speaking Spanish. They were created in November of 2019, and since then their numbers have been growing. They were originally named the Poke Warriors Army, but when Amelia gained control of the army, she decided to rename it. Under her leadership, the army reached maxes as high as 16+.


The LF’s leader, Amelia, felt that the best way to keep expanding LF was to merge with RFCP. Below is a screenshot of the LF’s leader Amelia’s declaration of merging. Amelia stated that she decided to merge after being approached by the RFCP leader, Prior Bumble. Once merging, she was supposed to assist the RFCP Spanish division.

The following screenshot has been translated into Spanish for those who do not speak the language.

Spanish to English Translation: Hello! I wanted to come here to say, we did merge, which means that LFA agrees with RFCP. All members can join us, here we will follow LFA events and with more users and more fun led by Prior. Everyone who joins will thank you. LFA will still be alive, your name will be there, I wait for you to join, upon joining, they will give you directions to enter the real server. Thank you so much for being with the LFA community and keeping it alive for a long time. But, I feel that there, LFA will be better, there I will be, doing events and so on. Please join me.

Unfortunately, the merge was not meant to be. Prior, one of the leaders of RFCP, requested Amelia to leave the CPAM server, but she decided her relationship with CPAM was more important to LF than with RFCP. So, she backed out of the merge.

The CP Army Media team was able to speak exclusively with the current leader of the Los Facheros Army, Amelia, to learn more about the alleged merge.

The following statements have only been edited for grammar and for ease of reading.

Was there any reason for the merge?

Yes, me and the other leaders were busy. So I will keep making events.

What rank were you at RFCP after your merge?

I was a major.

Is there any reason you chose to merge with RFCP?

An old friend asked me to merge into a Spanish division of RFCP.

How long is the merge supposed to be for?

It was supposed to be for a couple of weeks.


With the merge between LF and RFCP at a close, will the LF army begin to prosper without the help of RFCP? Or will it begin to shrink to lower and lower maxes without the aid of the army giant?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter


CP Army Media Associate Producer


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  1. Woo Amelia!


  2. […] a previous post regarding the failed merger, Amelia was interviewed and stated that it was supposed to last a couple weeks at […]


  3. […] a previous post regarding the failed merger, Amelia was interviewed and stated that it was supposed to last a couple weeks at […]


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