Practice Battle Review: Fighter Pilots vs. Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, Battle Room – On Friday, June 26th, 2020, the Fighter Pilots and Silver Empire logged onto for a friendly practice battle! Both sides performed amazingly with great tactics and formations but let’s take a closer look at what happened.

In this fantastic battle against the Fighter Pilots and the Silver Empire, both pulled through with great tactics! FP was able to get 13 troops together whereas SE achieved a max of 8!

[Box Dimension]

The armies started out their battle in the Box Dimension, with an unfortunate slow start from both sides. SE started out strong and fast with a quick bomb into a circle formation around the room. FP was a little behind but was able to get a strong form in soon after they began. Once in form, FP was able to demonstrate strong tactics that covered SE’s tactics for a majority of the room. Even though SE started out strong, FP was able to quickly take over this room which resulted in their win for the first room.

Room 1: Box Dimension


After a great ending from both sides in room one, the armies hurried over to docks to begin the next room of the battle. They started this room with a good bomb and both quickly were able to start with a strong formation. Even though FP started out with a great form and good tactics, they lacked movement in this room, which caused this room to be very close between the two armies. Since SE had some quick tactics and demonstrated some organized formations alongside FP, this room resulted in a tie.

Room 2: Docks


After a fabulous performance from both armies in the second room, everyone hurried on over to the third and final room: forts. Both sides entered the room with a strong bomb, but SE was able to jump into form fairly quicker than FP. For the first 5 minutes of this room, SE showed exceptional tactics. But, as time went on in this room, FP quickly came up behind them. After SE had a hard time getting into a form, FP took over this room with great movements and they were able to easily cover SE, because of that, the third room had resulted in another win for FP.

Room 3: Forts

After an amazing showing from both armies, only one was able to be victorious. The judges ruled a 2-0-1 victory for FP due to larger word tactics and the size advantage. Congratulations to Fighter Pilots for winning this Practice Battle!


What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

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  1. GG Silvers!


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