The ‘Z’ick Truth Behind Zuke

Update: Zuke’s Response

I said that because when making the CPAL website, we installed WordPress and someone registered as an admin before I could. So I said I’m going to have Icy go into the database to reset the admin password, so I could get into the website.

The Badboy/Jaylen stuff was them clowning me and putting false stuff on the SWAT website to make me look bad. I did remove the post of them and Jaylen went on camera on Discord, and everyone on xat had that pic of Badboy.

With this apology and despite the previous happenings, we preserve a positive relationship with Zuke and hope to continue working with him as a respected IW leader.

Update: An agreement has been reached with Zuke. He has officially officially apologized for his actions.

Administrative Statement: Truth Behind Frozen Zuke & Anticipated Merge

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ – It has been over 72 hours since we saw the defacement of the CP Army League website. Almost immediately after, questions began to arise as Zuke, CP Army League Board of Directors, blamed DrFlen. While it may seem like this was a personal vendetta, what truly conspired in the backdrop of that night’s events, will shock you all.

FrozenZuke, or Zuke as he is known, is an Army Veteran who’s well known for his work at SWAT. Recently, Zuke was appointed as a Board of Director at CP Army League following his contributions to the website. His recent induction as a CP Army Legend only adds to the power we as a community have bestowed upon him. It is with deep regret that we had to propose the removal of Zuke as a member of the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Naturally, you might ask, what has he done wrong? Is Zuke not a respected Army Legend? Yes, we do not discredit his contributions to the community by doing this. In fact, we would take this opportunity to thank him for all that he has done. However, what has recently come to light has alarmed us to the extent that we cannot turn a blind eye to it anymore.

[Blatant threats to SWAT]

While these events occurred before he was appointed as a member of the Army League Board, we decided to go ahead with his appointment since these claims initially lacked evidence and we wanted to give Zuke the benefit of the doubt. When he was removed from leadership at SWAT, he took some actions that are heavily condemned by the CP Army League Community.


Here is footage of Zuke making threats to SWAT high command via Snapchat audio. (Click Here)

Zuke posting Badboy and Jaylen’s faces on CP Army League.

[IP Grabbing]

While the Zuke was quick to lay blame on DrFlen for his defacement of the CP Army League, we must understand that his actions might have actually saved the community. What Flen did was delete the database that was stored at CP Army League’s website. Whenever you posted something on the website, or commented, or liked a particular comment, your email ID and IP Address is saved in the database. While this is naturally a feature of WordPress sites, it raises a particular concern in this scenario because Zuke is known to IP grab people which is not a risk we want to put on the community.

Click to Enlarge.

This screenshot has a message deleted from Zuke before Flen asked if Zuke had IP grabbed him. The deleted message comprised of Flen’s location.

Zuke threatening Wyo, stating Zuke would ruin Wyo’s “irl life”

Following all these incidents, it was evident that the removal of Zuke was pertinent to the continuation of CPAL as a safe community for all. CP Army League exhibited a new low of toxicity in recent days as Zuke would misuse the poll feature in our discord to exhibit his own fears, and his hatred for the CP Army Media community was quickly becoming evident despite CP Army League working to better its relations with its counterpart and friend.

It is thus, with a heavy heart, that we proposed the removal of FrozenZuke from the Board. However, such decisions cannot be taken unilaterally and require a vote among the Board, and that vote was called for by Iceyfeet1234, who particularly said that such a decision would require a majority vote. A vote for held which resulted in a majority favoring his removal. Despite there being a majority which called for his removal, Iceyfeet1234 did not take any further action and this matter was left stagnant again. Mehak decided to quit the Board following this, and Iceyfeet1234 decided to talk to Zuke and ask him to retire.

 We make this post through CP Army Media who have generously allowed us to use their website and we are commencing discussion for a new army hub, finally uniting the community under one safe, positive, and supportive organization. 

Click to Enlarge


Unity, a concept which has been in talks for the past two years, will now be achievable. CP Army Media, along with the heads of CP Army League (Mehakk, Luciferstar, 32op, Zamb, Icey) have decided to merge the ideas of CPAM & CPAL and strive towards a better future. The name of this organization will be “CP Army Hub”, which will have everything you need for armies: cohesive and up to date news, a well-structured league, and other interesting features. We are in the process of approaching Army Leaders about this. Stay tuned for more information after the Legends Cup X Finals!

CP Army League Administration

Mehakk, LuciferStar, 32op, Zamb, Iceyfeet

CP Army Media Administration

Ayan, Emcee, Pookie437, Koloway, Max


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