Fluffy Retires From Golden Troops Leadership

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – As CPAH is falling into place, we see yet another retirement of an army leader. Fluffy was with GT since it’s revival in April, and has recently stepped down. Let’s take a closer look at Fluffy’s retirement!

Fluffy was with the Golden Troops since the recent revival in April of 2020. Though it may have been slow for GT, on their LCX tournament round against RPF, they managed to pull together a big force of 18 troops. GT has been standing long as a Small/Medium Army, unlike many others that have unfortunately shut down. The Golden Troops were an army that many had forgotten but were pulled out of the ashes. Fluffy was part of the “Founding 8” revivers of GT, who all came from the Doritos of Club Penguin staff and members. She was a leader for quite a long time, until she went into a brief retirement stage, but came back soon after. This retirement seems that it’ll be permanent or long-lasting, but in its truth, it’s unknown. GT is an army that was revived headfirst in CPO drama but has managed to stay alive in their time. Fluffy helped keep GT running through many leadership changes, and even when they were almost going to merge with elites, she managed to save them. GT may have been shut down at this point if it were not for Fluffy’s leadership.

GT under the leadership of Fluffy

Fluffy retired for mental health reasons and her busy life like we see many army leaders retiring for today. Though the retirement may have been sad for many,  GT had many recent promotions and as she stated in her announcement regarding her leave, their current HCOM is the future of GT.

Announcement of Fluffy’s Retirement

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with the former leader of the Golden Troops, Fluffy, with her thoughts on her recent retirement.

What caused your decision to retire?

After the shut down of cpo and another cpps I just didn’t feel the same vibe anymore. And leading a army is a lot harder than before especially with my home life being busy

What did you like most about leading GT?

I loved connecting with everyone that joined and just seeing them have a great time attending events. Since we’re small we’d all just hang out everyday. GT being a great and safe place for all people.

What do you see in the future of GT?

With the leaders in place now, and new advisors. GT will get far places and survive through this hard time for armies.

Any final words that you have?

To the people who dragged me down, I’m in a better place than Ever. Thank you for that. And to my beautiful friends and troops, love you all<3

As you can see, fluffy loved the time she had in GT and still loves the army. Through the ups and down, she put GT first. Her retirement was sad for the army, but they will remain strong throughout hard times. In the time of many retirements, armies always learn to manage. The CP Army Hub wishes the best for Fluffy in all of her future aspirations!

What do YOU think? Will Fluffy be back for more or is this the end of her career? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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