Help Force In The Legends Cup Finals: How Did They Get There?

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Hub Headquarters- The Help Force have made themselves into quite the formidable army, both in rising event numbers and in beating all odds by finishing strongly in the Legends Cup.

Help Force was created in early March of 2018 by Ayan, with the name “Helping Friends”. This was quickly changed to Help Force a few days afterward. Over the next year or so, the Help Force established itself as a powerful Small/Medium army. As Help Force grew bigger and bigger, they quickly found themselves on the Top Ten Armies list. Shortly afterward, Help Force became the victors of the Summer Bash 2019 tournament. Ever since Help Force has been able to hold on to their spot on the Top Ten Armies list.

Help Force during the Summer Bash 2019

During recent weeks, armies have been preparing for and participating in the Legends Cup, and Help Force has been no different. During the past week, HF has seen rising numbers in every timezone and has even reached maximum numbers of 63+ in AUSIA events. Their US and EU events have seen a jump in numbers from maxing around 25, to maxing almost 40 penguins. With this rise in numbers leading up to the Legends Cup, one could only wonder what Help Force had in store for the first round of the Legends Cup.

As the Legends Cup began, Help Force found themselves facing the Silver Empire. In this battle, Help Force maxed 41, beating the Silver Empire and moving on to the second round. During round 2, the Help Force faced the Royal Family, where they faced more opposition. Even with a good fight put up from the Royal Family, the Help Force was able to continue to the quarter-finals with their 51 penguin max. During the quarter-finals, Help Force faced opposition from the Doritos of Club Penguin. Despite this being their closest battle yet, with ties in two of the three rooms, the Help Force came on top in room 3, with a max of an outstanding 71 penguins. The semi-finals found Help Force battling the Dark Warriors, with a very close battle. In this battle, HF maxed a formidable 65 penguins. After much anticipation, the finals were upon CPAM. During the finals, the Help Force put up an incredible fight by maxing 69 penguins. Unfortunately due to RPF’s size, HF had lost the finals. But with no doubt, HF had a stellar performance in this tournament and hopefully, they will keep up their great stride!

Help Force against Rebel Penguin Federation in LCX Finals

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with the current leader of the Help Force, Tistle, with his thoughts on the LCX Battle.

How are you feeling about the outcome of the Legends Cup?

Overall, despite losing in the final we believed we’ve shown the whole community the capability of Help Force on big occasions and that on our day we can be a real threat to all the armies in the league. Our only real hope of beating RPF was that we entered the room first, but in all 3 rooms we had less and there was nothing more we could do to prevent that. At the end of the day, we were expected to lose in the Quarters, not the final, so regardless of the final defeat we have made a big impact on the tournament.

How do you think your performance in the legends cup affected sizes in non-tournament events?

The mood in the server completely transformed, especially after the Quarter Final win. People’s motivation to attend events had increased massively and it was exactly the boost that we needed for our general morale. The important thing now is that we maintain this motivation by keeping things fresh and interesting over the next few weeks until the next big challenge is upon us.

Based on this tournament and recent event sizes, do you feel confident in HF for any and all future tournaments?

I’ve always been confident in Help Force’s ability, even before this tournament. At times I felt this competition was acting as a boost for us to push for higher maxes and ultimately challenge the big wigs in this league and that’s exactly what it did. As I said, maintenance of the server and my staff is key until the next big contest and if we can make that happen then we’ll be back again to scare some more big armies next time.


Tistle seems to be pretty confident in the future of the Help Force. With the Legends Cup over with, this might change.  Will their sizes continue to impress, or will they dwindle back to their former sizes?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below! 


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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