Marines Benefit From Bikers Army Merge

MATTERHORN, Marines Empire – At approximately 12:09 PM EDT on June 28th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge with close allies, the Bikers, would be occurring.

The Marines were originally founded in 2006, but have recently been revived by former leader Revan.  After a successful reopening on June 9th, they have slowly climbed up the Universal Top Twenty listings and just yesterday placed 15th for the second consecutive week.

The Bikers were also recently established, registering with CP Army Media just three weeks ago. But in that short period of time they have enjoyed many successes, including holding eight events and achieving a record maximum size of 14 penguins. As a major ally of the Marines, the merge made perfect sense for the leadership.

News of the Bikers merge broke Sunday, with Revan making a public announcement on the Discord server. He states he hopes the merge will allow the army to “achieve great things” in the future.

CP Army Hub had the opportunity to interview Revan, the current leader of the Marines, to quiz him further on the merge.

What motivated you to merge with the Bikers of CP?

Our forces combined will be a lot more benificial and will not only help the Marines grow but gives those in the Bikers new opportunities.

Is there any particular reason you chose the Bikers, besides the fact that they were an ally?

A leader in the Bikers was already a member of the Marines and agreed that it would be a lot better to merge. We hope to see other armies follow them in merging into us.

Do you have any major goals that seem within reach now that you have merged with the Bikers?

Our main goal right now is to maintain an average of 30 throughout all our events.

The updated Marines leadership have very high hopes following this merge, but is it enough to push the Marines further up the Top Twenty? Or could new faces lead to stormy waters and a sinking ship?

What do YOU think? Will this be enough to push the Marines to the Top 10? Will their goals pose too optimistic? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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