Meerkat Withdraws From Doritos Leadership; Wassim Demoted

Update: Meerrkat has spoken out on why he departed, giving CP Army Hub his exclusive statement. 

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – Recently, several leadership changes have occurred within the Doritos. With Zire retiring and Jester returning to the army, this past weekend has also seen the departure of Meerrkat and demotion of Wassim.

The sudden news of Meerrkat’s departure from the Doritos leadership came as a shock to many. He announced his lowkey withdrawal on the Doritos main chat, stating: “Idk if I’m retiring or just taking a break. Not sure yet”. He current sits under the “Doritos Legend” Discord role, with his leadership permissions and roles removed. CP Army Hub discovered his departure was due to internal issues. He provided us with the following statement:

I left because I felt like I wasn’t heard as a leader. I felt like I didn’t have much of a say. Like I was just a shadow leader. Someone who was just there with the rank and led whatever events/battles I could. I put most of my time and energy into DCP and have made many friends here so it really upset me. I had a conversation with 32op yesterday and he listened to what I had to say and understood how I felt. I’m not sure if I will return as a leader for DCP at the moment. I’ve been busy with work these past 3 months so I rarely even get to attend events. DCP has always been my home army. I’ve been loyal to the Doritos for the past 8 years now but right now I don’t know if I want to stay as an advisor or give leading another chance.

The most recent Doritos event, a battle against the Army of CP.

Alongside Meerrkat, fellow leader Wassim was demoted. Wassim has been involved with the CP army community since 2019, and his hard work and loyalty to the army earned him a place in the leadership. However, this was not to last. The Doritos higher command produced a nine-page Google Document letter that was addressed directly to the leadership. It included many screenshots that showed questionable behaviour that many deemed unacceptable and inappropriate, especially for someone in his position.

Letter received from the Doritos higher command.

After carefully reviewing the evidence and discussing their options, the leadership made the choice to demote him to a leader-in-training position. CP Army Hub were able to sit down with Wassim and get his statement regarding the situation. Wassim stated how he was originally furious about the demotion, but then expressed remorse and took responsibility for his actions.

Honestly, when I first heard about it I was surprised and got angry. I felt anger because I didn’t think a demotion is necessary and we all have mistakes. Those mistakes were fixed and apologised for, I admit and take responsibility for my faults. It’s not big of a deal and I moved on, I’m gonna focus on stop breaking rules and try to earn my leader role once again. We all make mistakes and it’s ok, we just need to take responsibility and move on.

There is no doubt this is an interesting time for the Doritos, with numerous leadership changes occurring. But how will it affect their event performance? Will they suffer a crunching blow, or will they bounce back hotter than ever?

What do YOU think about Meerrkat’s departure and Wassim’s demotion? Will he make it back to leader again? Will this demotion affect the army? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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