Battle of the Blues – Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Recently, two powerful armies took the battlefield in a competitive battle. Both armies fought well, but only one could win. Let’s take a look at how this practice battle played out!

On June 30th, at approximately 3:00 pm EST, the Ice Warriors and the Help Force took to Klondike for a practice battle. This practice battle featured two powerhouse armies! The Help Force, coming off a week where they participated in the Legends Cup X Finals and placed third on CPAH’s inaugural Univeral Top Twenty! As well as the Ice Warriors, who came off of a week where they placed 4th on CPAH’s Top Twenty! In this battle, IW brought a total of 67 troops whereas HF maxed 40! 


The practice battle began in the Docks, where both armies entered strongly. The Help Force entered with a “HELPFORCE” x4 bomb, while the Ice Warriors entered with a “DOOM” x9 bomb. The Help Force made an X formation, while the Ice Warriors made a plus formation. The Ice Warriors were extremely aggressive in this room, comparing the Help Force uniforms to mall cops, mocking the concept of mandatory events, and the Help Force’s relatively small size compared to their Top Twenty placement, while the Help Force remained relatively unfazed by the jabs.

Room 1 - Docks

Room 1 – Docks


The second room was the Iceberg. The Help Force entered the Iceberg with a “LAME” x8 bomb, still keeping up their unfazed persona, while the Ice Warriors entered with a “RENEGADE” x5 bomb. The Help Force ended up making an upside-down T form, while the Ice Warriors made a plus with a line at the bottom, forcing the Help Force to bomb into an X form. The Ice Warriors kept up their aggressive energy in the Iceberg, still making fun of the Help Force’s size.

Room 2 - Iceberg

Room 2 – Iceberg

[Inside Mine]

Both armies entered Inside Mine fairly quickly. The Help Force entered with a “PUDDLE WARRIORS” x3 bomb, while the Ice Warriors entered with an “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” bomb. The Help Force made an unexpected C formation, to which the Ice Warriors asked “WHAT’S YOUR FORMATION?” The Ice Warriors made a plus form and kept the insults coming. The battle ended with a “GG” bomb from the Help Force and a “FAREWELL ZUKE” tactic from the Ice Warriors. This practice battle was Zuke’s last event as an Ice Warrior, marking an end to a monumental seven-year career.

Room 3 – Inside Mine

IW and HF had an amazing showing, but due to more unique tactics, bigger formations and overall bigger size, the judges determined it was an Ice Warriors a 3-0 victory, and Zuke’s final event ended on a happy note. Congratulations to the Ice Warriors for winning this practice battle!

Event Results

Both armies fought extremely well today with creative tactics and crisp forms. They showed us what they were made of, and we are excited to see how they will improve in the future!


What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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