Clash of AUSIA: Army of CP vs. Water Vikings

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Two armies have taken it out to the battlefield recently in an entertaining, but short practice battle. Let’s take a look into what this friendly feud consisted of!

On Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin and Water Vikings went head to head in a battle during AUSIA times. The two armies battled it out with vastly different maxes, with an ACP high of 35 and Water Vikings’ 6.


Regardless of size, both armies had a blast battling in the only room of this encounter, the Stadium. Both sides hurried over to the room to begin this fun and friendly battle and to show some lovely tactics. Water Vikings had trouble keeping up but still executed strong tactics. ACP had note-worthy formations and fast tactics against WV. ACP also took the chance to get in a fun tactic shouting out WV’s 10th anniversary. Alongside their strong tactics, ACP had a much larger size than WV resulting in a win for ACP.

June 30th PB: ACP vs. WV

CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with the leaders of ACP, CSY, and the leader of WV, Pjayo, with their thoughts on the battle!

What did you think of the battle today against WV/ACP?

CSY: We were expecting a longer fight, but I think there was great effort from both sides and it was good fun seeing what our AUSIA force is capable of!

Pjayo: Kinda f*cked up ngl, funks really put us up against the inventors of the AUSIA division.

Do you think you could have done much better in the battle compared to what you did today?

CSY: For sure! We’ll keep pushing on for greater AUSIA heights (:

Pjayo: I mean at a US time we would have done far better, we simply just don’t have an Ausia set up atm

This practice battle was most certainly enjoyable from both armies. Both ACP and WV performed fantastically showing off some fun tactics. They seem to both plan on using this experience to improve in the future, which is great to hear! We hope to see more from ACP and WV in the future!


What do YOU think about the battle between ACP and WV? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Media Associate Producer


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