Total Eclipse For Sun Troops Following Multiple Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sun Troops Empire – As the weather begins to heat up for the summer, it seems as though things have also begun to heat up once again within the Sun Troops army.

As many may be aware, the Sun Troops have been going through a very tough phase within the last month or so. On the 6th of June, the Sun Troops were defaced by a user that went by the name of “Squeakz”. In addition to this, many other users were found on the server to be associated with this name. “Squeakz” and others kicked and banned many troops within the Sun Troops discord server, leaving only 20. It seems as though this was a catalyst for leadership changes to occur.

It has come to light that the Sun Troops have undergone many leadership changes within the last week or two. Midnight stepped down from the Sun Troops leadership on the 25th of June and became Head of Advisory. Midnight decided to leave the Sun Troops army and venture into new pastures by joining the Templars’ leadership.

Announcement regarding Midnight stepping down.

On the 30th of June, Gold was promoted to the Sun Troops leadership. Another recent addition to the leadership is CPMaster. CPMaster recently joined the leadership but temporarily retired for 2 hours, before returning to the leadership again. So as you can see, there have been a lot of changes that have occurred recently.

However, to get more information on this matter, CP Army Hub organized an interview with Sun Troops leader, Da Best, in search of further clarity.

It has been a tough month for the Sun Troops army and leadership. Could you shed some light on the recent problems that you have been faced with?

Well even though there was a lot of leadership changes with Midnight leaving and CPST being inactive for a long time, we are doing an event next week. Also with leadership changes, we also have new channels added and new allies as well. Even through all this drama we are still holding up and planning to come back again after the defacement as a bigger community.

Do you believe that the defacement was the catalyst for the problems you were faced with?

Well the defacement that we did experience did lose us a lot of members and also our inactivity also lost us members. I don’t think that the defacement was the main reason as we could have grown, but the issue was was that the other leaders wanted to start wars with armies that are way bigger then us and that resulted to lots of people getting banned from cpst, meaning we lose members.

You recently welcomed Gold and CpMaster to the leadership. Do you believe that they will have a positive impact on the army?

CPMaster was always leader but he is making a game called Club Island, which is a CPPS,  and also making enemies with CPST, so in my opinion he really isn’t helping us at all but making things worse for us. I do think Gold has potential in helping out and getting a positive impact on the army, so it is mainly a waiting game to see what happens as us leaders don’t have all perms like you would expect. For example; I cant delete messages so if we get raided then we will need to just ban instead.

Lastly, do you think that the Sun Troops can find the light at the end of the tunnel to success?

After we become official and we stop getting into useless wars with armies bigger then us and have a lot of allies and we get into like Pb’s or fun events to get people to join, then it will start to be better. Until then i cant really say what to expect to happen as I can not talk in every channel and the only thing the leaders are focused on is the game, so when I say an idea I want for an event they just say no to the idea. For the question, I think the leaders need to get together and focus more on the army then on the game they are making and then we will work it out.

As you can see from the interview above, Da Best believes that the defacement was not the cause of all of the problems and leadership changes that have occurred. Da Best believes that it put them at a disadvantage but wasn’t the main reason for their problems. This interview also confirmed that there are problems still brewing within their leadership. Lastly, Da Best believes that they can find success, but that they will need to work together and focus solely on the growth of the army.

What do YOU think? Will the Sun Troops rise again? Or will their problems continue to mount? Let us know in the comments section below!



CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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