Troop Interview: Rebel Penguin Federation’s Mycydric7

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Troop Interviews Office –  Welcome to the Army Hub’s Troop Interview, where we speak to some of the interesting penguins from around the army community. Whether that be the lowest recruit or the highest-ranked soldier, we will give them the platform to speak out on their army and the community as a whole.

Today we will be interviewing Mycydric7 also known as Cyd, a Lieutenant Colonel in The Rebel Penguin Federation!

Kava: Hello Cyd, how are you today?

Cyd: I’m doing fine, I find quarantine very entertaining because you don’t have to go outside and do stuff!

Kava: How is quarantine going for you?

Cyd: It’s doing really great, I am very relaxed because I don’t have to meet people in person, I don’t have to go to school, plus while quarantine is still going my allowance is increasing month after month!

Kava: I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Could you explain to us what your rank is in RPF?

Cyd: My current rank in the RPF is Lieutenant Colonel, my duties are to recruit, attend events, and occasionally help newer members on chat! I am very happy to be in that rank.

Kava: I see! When and what led you to join RPF and the CP Army community?

Cyd: My official join date is a bit confusing and complicated as I have rejoined the army a few times. It started back in 2017 when I encountered The Tuba Army spamming toots on the island, I was soon involved in a roleplay battle with the Tubas which may have led between some tension between me and the army. A couple of days later I came across an RPF troop recruiting. I decided to give it a shot and went to the website and found out that they were battling the Tubas too so I asked myself, “why not?” and joined them. Few weeks passed and I saw a poll whether the army was going to communicate via Xat or Discord. I was disappointed that they decided to use discord after the results, This then led to my departure from the army. I returned to the army in last year in September-November and discovered that discord was pretty cool and I’ve decided to stay ever since!

Kava: Wow, so you’ve known about the community for quite some time now!  What led you to rejoin the army?

Cyd: There was no specific reason why I returned. From what I remember, I became inactive at CPR, leaving the army community, then I decided to visit CPR a few months later and I suddenly remembered RPF so I created a Discord account and went to the website to find the link to their discord.

Kava: Now that you’ve rejoined, what are your opinions about RPF now? Are there any noticeable changes that you’ve come across since your return?

Cyd: I didn’t really know much about The Rebel Penguin Federation or anything about Armies when I first joined, but when I rejoined RPF on Discord, I found that the members were really cool and welcoming, everyone is respectful, they support each other, they are all really wholesome and friendly, and I find that The Rebel Penguin Federation is that one thing I couldn’t just leave and forget. I keep retiring and rejoining because I can’t let go after the memories I had. The army’s community have always been welcoming and friendly. That’s why I love RPF.

Kava: I completely agree! RPF sounds like a great army to be in and I’m sure they’re delighted to have you back! Do you have any opinions about CPA? Do you think there’s a need for change?

Cyd: I think Club Penguin Armies are already great, However, I do appreciate CPAM as I’ve been enjoying most of the news that’s been happening lately!

Kava: I see, do you have any particular hobbies or interests outside of CPA?

Cyd: I’ve recently started starting learning how to code with HTML and CSS (for the 10th time), and I also play offline games from time to time.

Kava: That sounds exciting! Where do you see RPF in a year or so?

Cyd: In my opinion, I envision RPF as an even bigger and stronger army than it is today, the members will be working hard to get recruits and we will continue to battle other armies. I can also see many of my friends being in the high command or possibly retired too.

Kava: Moving onto non-cp related questions, Do you happen to have any ridiculous goals in life?

Cyd: I only have a few, which is to have Stormtrooper and clone trooper costumes, some WWII uniforms for display too, and I plan to rebuild my Plastic Army men after my sister brutally destroyed the 69th division which is the last division I have

Kava: Wow, that is truly spontaneous! I wish you the best of luck with following those goals. In The Rebel Penguin Federation, do you often feel more like a leader or a follower?

Cyd: I feel more like a follower, whenever I’m hyping or attending events, I always have this feeling that I’m a soldier of an army carrying the ranks I gained.

Kava: Lastly, do you happen to have a favourite colour?

Cyd: Yes, I love blue.

Kava: Blue is a lovely colour! :GWowoHehe: it looks like we’ve reached the end of our interview, is there anything you’d like to add before we end it?

Cyd: Yeah, my loyalty remains to the Rebel Penguin Federation forever, I tried joining the Army of CP but it didn’t work out very well (sorry to my Army of CP friends we still cool) Fight The Good Fight!:rpf:

Kava: FTGF!! :hehe: on that note, thank you, Cyd for your time and for being here! It was a pleasure to interview you

After interviewing Cyd, Cyd seems to be a very friendly and approachable person in this community. He is seen regularly helping out in his army and appears to be a very amiable troop in The Rebel Penguin Federation. He has built a sustainable balance between his life in and out of CP. From his recruiting and hyping up troops all the way to his coding skills, Mycydric has clearly shown a lot of devotion to his IRL goals as well as to The Rebel Penguin Federation. To which I find very commendable.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to direct message either katerina#1424 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


CP Army Hub Reporter 


CP Army Hub Reporter 

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