Water Vikings After 10 Years: Where Are They Now?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On June 29th, the legendary Water Vikings celebrated the army’s 10th anniversary! The Water Vikings are one of the oldest armies who are still thriving to this day. They were able to make it to the Legends Cup finals multiple times and are included in CP Army Central’s top ten armies of all time.

The Water Vikings were created on December 28, 2010, starting as a small/medium army. The army was created when an army called Masked Warriors and Water Troops merged. At the time Jed Pen and Zakster were leaders of these armies so they are regarded as co-creators of WV. Water Vikings quickly rose and became one of the top medium armies during their early days.

Fast-forward 10 years later and WV is alive and kicking. They are still one of the top armies and are led by a bunch of experienced veterans that have been around for a long time. They have had their fair share of leadership changes and turmoil during this generation but they were able to bounce back and show the community what they’re made off. They were able to hold a successful event celebrating their anniversary in which they reached a max of 35 troops.

WV doing a ’10’ formation

The CP Army Hub team was also able to exclusively interview a Water Vikings leader and legend in Kingfunks4 to further discuss WV’s anniversary and the army’s achievements!

Since the beginning of the army, what is an estimated amount of wars WV has been in? How many did you win and how many did you lose?

Oh, I can’t give you exact numbers! But we’ve been in many wars over our existence – the most notable one was when the New Dawn Alliance (I believe IW/DW/DCP and a couple of other armies were in it) all invaded us in 2016 when we were top of the top ten for 3 months straight and we managed to push through and continue our success that summer. Just say we won more than we lost!

Which generation would you say was the ‘best’ time for the Water Vikings? And why?

I’d say 2015 was our best generation, we managed to reach the Legends Cup Final for the first time (and had a very controversial defeat against RPF), maxing 80+. We dominated the top ten, coming from the bottom of the S/M top ten to the top at CPA Central, and won several big wars. It was also great fun to be in and we had some truly great leaders at the time. Other good generations would be 2013, 2016 and 2020!

How do you feeling leading one of the oldest/greatest armies?

It’s fantastic to be a part of the Water Vikings and being one of the people that is responsible for making decisions and guiding the future of the army. Ever since leading ACP and IW, the Water Vikings have been my home and I would not want to leave them one bit. We are also proud of our history, and it is great that now new members of the community can appreciate the impact that we had before 2017. I also am excited to guide new leaders in WV and hope they will keep the army going when I move on for the final time.

What would you say is one of the falling points Water Vikings has had? and how did the team manage to work through it?

We always struggled to survive past the summer, we were known as the ‘summer army’. Leaders would come in the summer and leave again once the academic term restarted. We managed to survive in the winter of 2016 which was good, and I hope we have the foundations to survive past this summer too.

What has being a leader in Water Vikings taught you?

It has taught me not to take this community too seriously. While it is important to have good results and to recruit, it is also important we have a good time and enjoy ourselves – and that is what the Water Vikings are all about.

What will WV be doing to celebrate their 10th anniversary?

We are going to have a big event to celebrate this coming week and through the summer we will have some games and competitions as well. Of course (assuming we are still around) we will celebrate big time at the end of December!

Keeping an army active for at least a year can be extremely difficult. However, the Water Vikings make it seem quite easy and managed to make it through 10 years and are still going strong. Even with all their ups and downs throughout the past years, this army still manages to be successful and they work hard to remain in the top ten charts.

What do YOU think about Water Viking’s future and what it holds? Will they remain successful? Or will they flop? Share YOUR opinions by commenting down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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