Melting Ice: Frozen Zuke Announces Permanent Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warrior’s Capital – After a long month of leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and bringing it to its former glory, Ice Warriors Leader and CP Army Legend Frozen Zuke has retired from the army.

Frozen Zuke is a name that is well known in the army community for his work in Special Weapons and Tactics. While leading the famed army, he helped get SWAT to sizes of 70+ which is rarely seen among armies today. Shortly after leaving SWAT, Zuke found his way into the Ice Warriors leadership alongside IceyFeet, Ben, Madhav, Agent 11, Regan, and Shinde.

Coupled with this power-packed leadership, Frozen Zuke was able to create many historic moments such as proceeding to the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup X, consistently hitting preposterous sizes of 100+, and maintaining a top spot in the universal Top Ten.

Ice Warriors hitting sizes of 120+

Zuke concluded his reign as a leader in Ice Warriors by conducting a friendly battle with the Legend Cup X finalists, Help Force. The battle ended with a 3-0 victory to Ice Warriors, showcasing  how much of a strong leader Frozen Zuke is. The entirety of Ice Warriors thanked Zuke for his splendid work as a leader and wished him all the best luck for his upcoming future.

Zuke leading the Friendly Battle

CP Army Hub was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Frozen Zuke and inquired about his future plans and the after-effect of his leave from Ice Warriors.

Hello Zuke, The most obvious question the community is itching to ask is why did you choose to retire from the Ice Warriors, was this a sudden or planned retirement?

It’s actually been planned for a few weeks now. First I told IW Leaders and slowly told the rest of the IW staff later. I’m retiring because school is going to start up again, and I was only free to be in the community due to the unfortunate virus.

With your departure, How do you feel the Ice Warriors will perform without you actively present as a leader?

I feel like IW is going to do just fine, especially with our Leader in Trainings performing better than some of us leaders now.. seems like we’re getting old :sweat_smile: . I also have some super secret recruiting tactics left for them as I depart. Hopefully that works out.

What goals did you have in mind for the Ice Warriors during your leadership, and were they accomplished?

Honestly, I joined because IW was hitting low sizes of 40+ and I wanted to help anyway I can. A big goal was to beat ACP which we did. I had two other goals. Hitting 100+ which we did multiple times, and my for my secret recruiting plan to work. We will have to wait and see if it does!

Do you ever plan to return to the Ice Warriors, or armies as a whole?

As of right now no, since i’m about to return to my busy life. I will still be here every once in a while to help IW, and anyone can still contact me.

Any Last Comments for our readers?

Stay positive. Shoutout to the real ones you know who you are.

It is clear that Zuke is still positive about his former home, the Ice Warriors. Zuke has been a key figure to the army’s success and has also enforced some recruiting strategies for the staff members to carry out. Time will tell whether Zuke’s departure will affect the army or not. CP Army Hub wishes Zuke all the best wishes for his future endeavors.

What do YOU think? Will Zuke’s Retirement affect the Ice Warriors? What’s to come for the Ice Warriors? Comment below and let us know what YOU think.


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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