Army Of The Week: Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week will be the first Army Of The Week taking place on the Army Hub, and the army being commemorated is the Help Force for their leap from 6th to 3rd on the Top Twenty listings.

The Help Force is an entirely CPPS army. They are a relatively young army, only in function since March 13th, 2018. However, the army creator Ayan made sure the army’s inexperience would never serve to be a problem. 

The army proved to be a rather stubborn one, and despite only being able to max 10 or so penguins, they enrolled into the Legends Cup of that year. HF lost in the second round. This loss seemed to weaken the army. It appeared as if despite being born only 5 months previously, the army was on the brink of collapsing. However, the army was able to regain its footing thanks to one of it’s leaders, Morty, being incredibly active and nurturing. 

And so, the army continued. It’s max was rising thanks to their recruiting efforts, and Morty retired for he’d done what he had set out to do; help HF become a proper army. By the end of December 2018, the army had begun regularly maxing 40. 

Help Force towards the end of December 2018.

January marked Help Forces’ first Golden Age. Their leader Ayan led events maxing 60+ on Club Penguin Online. However, January of 2019 also marked something completely different. During this January came what is known to the force as “The January Drama”. During this period, several armies had started the whisperings of conspiracy against the CPO Army League. For a time, Ayan was convinced this was the correct move. Unfortunately, when moving several staff members protested against the move. Help Force moved back to CPO, suffering not only the loss of half of their active troops, but the right to own the Help Force server. 

HF didn’t dwell on the loss long, for they quickly jumped back into intense recruiting and a new hyped additude. This was the time that the National Armies Alliance (NAA) was created. At this time it consisted of the Help Force, Aliens, and Ninjas. 

The Help Force continued to grow in size. This growth posed a threat to other armies who craved the success HF had. When screenshots from Light Troop’s staff announcements were leaked that showed LT conspiring against them, HF quickly declared war before they could. Both Pirates and Templars joined in on the war on the side of Light Troops. Eventually, after the war had been waging for quite some time, Help Force retreated from the war on the basis of what they claimed to be biased judging.

Help Force in the war against LT and their allies.

The triad led the army into a phase of prosperity. Consisting of Elpiojo, Spotty, and Ayan, the triad introduced several new utilities into the army. These new upgrades consisted of thing such as; a Spanish community, Event calendar, and zonal recruitments among many others. This period saw the Force hitting 1st on the Top Ten, where they stayed for several weeks.

That summer saw the retirement of Ayan. However, his departure did not hinder the army. The Help Force enlisted in the Summer Bash 2019, where they managed to secure their first tournament victory.

Help Force against Pirates in the Summer bash.

In the coming months, Help Force hit their record max of 90 under Spotty’s lead. They managed to stay in 1st on the Top Ten for several weeks and stayed relatively quiet. At least, they were quiet until the Spanish Drama. This Drama saw a member of the Spanish community’s core. Many allegations were brought up against the Help Force and their leader Spotty. The drama led to not only the closure of the Spanish Community within HF, but also the demotion of Spotty from CPO mod.

Spotty announced her retirement from Help Force that same day, and later announced that Help Force would be retiring alongside her. With this knowledge, CPOAL Admin, Epic101, made claims that he would take over the army. This led to the Helper Exodus. Ayan returned alongside the likes of Elpiojo to bring Help Force over to Club Penguin Rewritten.

Help Force continued on in CPR, albeit missing a majority of the max they had previously. The Force grew to adapt to being on CPR. Soon after their joining CPR, the Holiday Championship 2020 was announced. HF had made it to the sem-finals before they lost to ACP.

Help Force versus ACP in the Holiday Championship.

Towards the end of January, Help Force reached 1st on the TT once again. Spurred on by this news, Ayan retired once again and left the army in the hands of Spotty and Lottie. The army quickly fell under their lead. Neither had the will to lead that they once had, and allowed the army to fall into disarray. Events were less frequent, and maxes were dropping to sizes Help Force hadn’t seen since it’s creation. This caused friction between the staff team and the leadership. The two Marshal’s of the Force, Juanita and Moon, grew tired at the treatment of both the army and staff team from the leaders. On February 5th, the Marshal’s led a coup of Spotty and Lottie after several discussions with the staff team. The two took up leadership, with Tistle joining them a few weeks into their rein. 

Help Force has continued to prosper since. Despite both Moon and Juanita having retired, Tistle has led the army to great heights. During the Legends Cup, the army hit their max record during their time in CPR. Alongside this, they had managed to get to the Finals of the Legends Cup. This gave them the ability to jump from 6th on the Top Ten, to 3rd. 

Let’s hear from Tistle about this recent jump in the Top Ten!


So Tistle, we’d love to know how you think Help Force made it to the finals!

It was about getting everyone on board for the journey. The hype we generated throughout the tournament was some of the best we had ever seen and it was vital to have the strength to beat armies such as DCP and DW with the lower max that we had. We prepared for battles as well as we could, we recruited heavily for the days leading up to the battles and then it was all about the performance on the battlefield from there. Sure if we were on the other half of the seeding it would have been near impossible but in the end I felt that our fortune in that respect was deserved.

Wonderfully said. Is there anything you believe you could have done better in the Legends Cup?

Looking back on the Finals, I wish we could have gotten about 5 more in each room against RPF. Generally speaking they swarmed us in every room and we could barely fight back with them constantly covering us. For the run up to the Finals, it was motivating for me to see our max increase from round to round and that more people were getting involved with the tournament each time. The way we approached the DCP and DW battles as the underdogs and ultimately overcame their strength was what stood really made Help Force stand out in this tournament for me.

The story of an underdog is always a motivating one! Now then, moving on from the Legends Cup, what do you see in HF’s future?

The most important thing for us to try and maintain this excitement and anticipation that we grew from the cup. Our 3rd place in the Top 20 this week was also a nice reward for the tireless work that we’ve been doing recently. We introduced a new reward system for Helpers, along with lots of new role colours to keep the place fresh. We’re constantly looking for ways to make the server and community more enjoyable and we have another project on the horizon. My hope is that the vibe within the server doesn’t flatten and that we can keep the eagerness of everyone healthy.

Thanks for all the insight! I wish HF the best of luck in the future. Any final comments for the community?

Help Force Best Force

That concludes this week’s Army Of The Week! Now that we know how Help Force has managed reach the Finals, let’s hope they managed to continue growing!

Will the Help Force continue going upward? Or will they fall from glory? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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