Marines Failed Merge with Magma Fighters

MATTERHORN, Marines Base – For the second time in a week, the Marines of CP army announced a merge with an up and coming small/medium army. But this time, the merge didn’t quite work out.

Army merges are usually a tricky situation. A lot can go right, but a lot can go entirely wrong. In the case of this failed army merge; the merging army moved from one army to an utterly different one. What happened?

Armies Involved

The Marines are a notable army, originally founded in 2006 by Sf1998 and revived in 2020 by Revan, current Marines general. They placed 15th on the inaugural CPAH Universal Top Twenty, have been doing well for themselves, and recently had the Bikers of CP merge with them.

The Magma Fighters are a relatively new army, with the oldest messages in their Discord dating back to May 21, 2020. The Magma Fighters were relatively successful for their short tenure in the army scene, hitting 55 members on June 14th, 2020. Because of their short time, CPAH knows little information about the Magma Fighters.

The Marines’ most recent event

The Merge

Both the Marines and Magma Fighters announced the merge on July 2nd, 2020. However, the Magma Fighters had other ideas and announced that they were merging again. This time, with the Hackers of CP, a new small/medium army.

Magma Troops announcement of the merger with the Hackers of CP

The Marines tried to merge with the Magma Fighters, but the merger fell through, and even Marines staff didn’t know about the supposed merge. After it all, it has left Marines in the cold while the Magma Fighters warm up with a new small/medium army, the Hackers of CP. The community can only hope that all these merges that Marines are trying don’t create a ruckus in CPA, but good luck to both armies from CPAH.

What do YOU think? Will this hurt the Marines in the future? Will the Magma Fighters and Hackers of CP be a new small/medium contender? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CPAH Reporter Trainee


2 Responses

  1. i should have told you more info sorry bout that


  2. This is very godlike Ibrahim , Jacob btw creator of Magma


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