[PB Review] Black Order Snaps the Crimson Guardians

KLONDIKE, Battle Room – Like usual, we witness another practice battle pop off between two small/medium armies. Both armies dominated with astonishing tactics and formations. However, one army came out victorious. Let’s dive in to see what this battle had to offer!

On Saturday, July 4th, 2020, the Black Order and the Crimson Guardians went on for a peaceful practice battle on CP Armies. Both armies showed off an incredible effort with their tactics and formations. Surprisingly, the Black Order ended up doubling in CG sizes. BO consisted of 14 troops, whereas the CG had about 6 troops.


[Inside Mine]

The first room began with the Black Order rushing into the room while doing an E9 bomb to showcase their determination for the battle. Eventually, followed by the Crimson Guardians, who swarmed in with a J bomb. After settling down into their formations, word tactics and emotes were thrown like confetti. CG presented creative tactics, specifically, their emote waterfalls, stood out. Alternatively, the BO took the upper hand and demonstrated variety in their rapid tactics. Overall, the Black Orders’ quality and speed in tactics resulted in them winning this room.

Room 1: Inside Mine


After an incredible first start, the armies made no hesitation while making their way over to the Cove to begin battling once again. BO was quick to enter the room while doing an ET bomb. When CG made their entrance, they ironically did an ET bomb too. BO was quick to get into formation whereas the CG was still taking their time settling in. This room saw improvement from CG as they bumped up in size room and chanted clever tactics against the opposing army. Nonetheless, BO still had the upper hand and annihilated CG with their creative formations and speedy tactics. Without a doubt, the Judges awarded this room to BO.

Room 2: Cove


BO was once again first upon entry in the final room while doing an E8 bomb. CG hurried over as well and did a “CG CG CG CG CG CG CG” bomb to cover the whole room. BO was swift in getting into formation and started tactics right away. CG took the opportunity to get into formation as well and chant out tactics that lit up the room on fire. BO wouldn’t be BO without shouting some Thanos references, in which this proved that the army wasn’t letting CG slide easily. CG sizes dropped down slightly while BO’s sizes went up. After some more tactics and formations were demonstrated, CG tactics were not enough to beat the BO. This resulted in the judges handing this room to BO. 

Room 3: Iceberg

After carefully reviewing the battle, the Black Order won the friendly battle with a 3-0 win! The judges stated that there was one winner. They mentioned the BO won this intense battle with their overall speed and quality in tactics, as well as formations.

Results of PB

Despite the results, Black Order and Crimson Guardians put up a great effort and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Those two armies provided great tactics and formations. We’re all are excited to see what’s in store for these two armies in the future, and what they have to bring to the table.

What do YOU think of this battle that took place between Black Order and Crimson Guardians? Comment YOUR opinions in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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