Practice Battle Review: Golden Troops vs Fighter Pilots

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Golden Troops and Fighter Pilots, two small/medium armies, took the spotlight today in a tight one on one practice battle. However, only one army can be the victor.

[Pet Shop]

Starting at room one, we see the two armies start their battle, seeing the pilots enter the room only seconds before the Golden Troops can make their appearance, both however entering with joke bombs. Starting off the fight, the Fighter Pilots take the lead with 11 troops, while the Golden Troops peak at 10. Both had slow tactics, however Fighter Pilots were nudging ahead just a bit.


1st room, deemed to Fighter Pilots


[Inside Mine]

The second room saw the Pilots at a disadvantage. With this, the Golden Troops took the lead and sped up their tactics, increased their size by one penguin, and bumped up while Fighter Pilots lost a member.

2nd room, deemed to Golden Troops



As both armies finished up in the last room, the Pilots were able to pick up speed again and prevail, adding one penguin to their side, and keeping constant between an 11-11 army tie. With matching sizes, the battle must come down to speed and tactics. With this in mind, GT had yet again fallen deeply slow into tactics, while the Pilots were able to seal the deal and take the win home.

What do YOU think about this practice battle?
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CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. cri, I thought we had kinda fast tactics, maybe that was just me


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